Cast a spell on your house this Halloween. With a little style and whimsy, turn an ordinary Witch Hat into a wicked centerpiece!

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Hello, TidyMom readers! I’m Chris from Just a Girl, and I’m thrilled to be here today! My blog is pretty much DIY and decorating, so you can imagine that the holidays are in full swing at my place! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, so I’m sharing a frugal and easy way to make a ca-ute little witch’s hat! 

DIY Witch Hat - Halloween Decor from Just a Girl.  Tutorial at

I’m a high school teacher, and I found this witch’s hat in my co-workers cabinet in her classroom. If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, “And why a witch’s hat (with tags still on, mind you)?” I know her well enough that I didn’t bother asking. I held it up, squealed, “Can I have this?!” and ran away with it. Price? Free. 

Witch Hat

Most of these supplies I already had, but I purchased some glittered spiders at Michaels for a couple of dollars. I dumped all my Halloweeny supplies on the table and just started wrapping ribbon, hot gluing items, and tweaking where needed. 


There’s certainly no strategy to it, but that’s what made it fun to make. Most items I have picked up here and there from Michaels, but some of my favorite holiday craft supplies are from the dollar store! Amazing what you can find there! 

DIY Witch Hat - Halloween Decor from Just a Girl.  Tutorial at

In order to keep the form, I stuffed the hat with tissue paper, then placed it on a plate and balanced the plate on a candle. Obviously, it’s not the classiest (or sturdiest) means of displaying it, but it works! Just don’t walk by it too quickly. 🙂

DIY Witch Hat - Halloween Decor from Just a Girl.  Tutorial at


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Thanks so much to Cheryl for having me over today!

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