If you are a mom and have a car, chances are pretty good you have found the occasional rouge bottle, sippy cup, sports bottle or coffee mug left in the car since…..who knows when.  And when you DO find it, it’s full of mold!

Mold in bottle

Moldy Mishaps

That’s what happened recently when our oldest daughter cleaned out her car………she found one of my favorite sport bottles that she “borrowed” weeks before. 

Did you know that in general it only takes about 24 to 48 hours for this type of fungus to take root and begin creating stomach-turning mildew stains and odors. 

I was headed to the trash with it, until it occurred to me to try soaking it in hot water with a little Clorox Bleach!……couldn’t hurt right?  A little mold isn’t going to stop this MOM!

Clean mold with Clorox and water

I filled the bottle about 2/3 ‘s full of hot water and about a teaspoon of Clorox Bleach – put the lid on it and gave it a good shaking, then let it sit for a few hours.  To my excitement, when I came back, the mold was all gone below the water line, so I tipped it upside down, gave it a good shake again, and let it sit upside down for a few hours. -this way, the bleach water was able to get into the lid as well.

Clean moldy bottle with Clorox Bleach Water TidyMom

By dinner time, my favorite water bottle was mold free!! I rinsed it in hot soapy water and placed it in the top rack of my dishwasher, just to give it one more good clean wash, and to be sure I got all the bleach out.

Even inside the lid is mold free!

Clean thanks to Clorox Bleach TidyMom

Lost and moldy is clean and new again thanks to Clorox Bleach! 

Have you ever had one of these moldy mishaps with forgotten items?

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