Pomtini Lemonade & World’s Largest Words With Friends Game

  Pomtini Lemonade at TidyMom.net

If you know anything about, me, you know ice water is my drink of choice most of the time, but it’s unlikely you know of my weakness for a certain drink mixer:  Crystal Light Liquid.  My water has never tasted so decadent. With a medley of delectable flavors, Crystal Light Liquid lets me enjoy my favorite flavors, with zero calories!

The fun part about Crystal Light Liquid is you don’t have to add them to just water. Mix flavors to make your own personal mixology.   My favorite is to simply add a light squirt to lemonade for a Pomtini Lemonade.

Crystal Light Liquid Pomtini at TidyMom.net

Check out CrystalLightLiquid.com for more ideas, like the 6 Signature Drink Recipes created by Michael Green.

Crystal Light Liquid Signature Drink Recipes by Michael Green


If you’re a fan of Word with Friends, you might be excited to hear that Crystal Light Liquid, along with Zynga, the world’s leading provider of social game services, are planning to host the world’s largest group Words With Friends game !

Crystal Light Liquid Biggest Words with Friends Game EVER

I know my girls and I are big fans of Words With Friends, did you know that at any given time, there’s an estimated 55 million Words With Friends games occurring around the world,

…..BUT……… this is the first time ever that fans can simultaneously play the game both online and outside of their smart phone or tablet.

The World’s Largest Words With Friends Game

WHEN:   Wednesday May 8, from 8-10 p.m. EST


This is the first time ever that more than two people can simultaneously play the game, and you can join in the fun. There are two ways you can participate:

Live in New York City There will be a live event hosted at the Maritime Hotel (363 W 16th Street)

You don’t live in NYC You can still join the fun! Fans all over the country are invited to play simultaneously via mobile device, tablet or computer by visiting the Words With Friends Facebook page or Crystal Light website .


• There will be two teams, and all players can play for both teams (whether playing live at the game board or online) and will receive the same seven letter tiles as the rest of their team. Each player has two minutes to create the highest value word in the fastest time and the winning word will be displayed on the official giant game board. Everyone that plays will be entered into a sweepstakes to win mini iPads, and everyone attending the event is eligible to win on-the-spot prizes, including iPad minis and Words With Friends swag.

Help reach the goal to create the World’s Largest Game of Words With Friends! Wednesday May 8, 2013 , from 8 – 10pm ET You can see the live video feed of the board at CrystalLightLiquid.com.

How fun!!!  My girls and I will be joining on our phones, sipping Pomti zLemonade 😉 Do you play Words With Friends?


Disclaimer:  I was compensated by Crystal Light to tell you about the World’s Largest Game of Words With Friends.  As always, the views, opinions and love of Crystal Light are all my own.