Double Berry Cheesecake Lush Dessert


A no-bake layered dessert, starting with a golden Oreo cookie crust, topped with a cream cheese and whipped topping layer,  then a cheesecake pudding layer, topped with strawberries and raspberries and finished with more whipped topping and berries.

Double Berry Cheesecake Lush No-Bake Dessert recipe at

Have you ever waited for something for a REALLY long time………and it ended up being even better than you imagined it would be?   That’s what happened to me late last week.

One late night last November, my daughters came home from seeing Justin Timberlake in concert here in St. Louis.  They couldn’t stop talking about how good he was, how incredible it was to see the stage literally move over their heads so he could perform to the back of the stadium as well as the front.  Their eyes lit up as they both talked at the same time, excited to show me the videos they took of the extravagant and electrifying performance ……. and secretly my heart sank.

I bought their tickets months before, as a birthday gift for Heather.  I didn’t think I needed to go………I’m in my late 40’s…….I go to bed at 9pm…….what business did I have going to a concert.  

Fresh Strawberries and raspberries at But this was Justin Timberlake! One of my all time favorite people!  I mean this 33 year old who’s stardom goes back two decades, can sing, dance, entertain, act and OMG can he make you laugh!

So when I found out he would be just four hours a way in Kansas City in July 2014……a call was made to Kristen asking if she wanted to go………..we agreed VIP tickets were in order, Heather decided she wanted to go again …….tickets were bought and we waited, and waited and waited. EIGHT MONTHS we waited.  Justin Timberlake 20/20 tour

me,Kristen and Heather

Last week,  July 31 finally arrived!  We drove to KC and stayed with Kristen and her family on Wednesday then Thursday night we joined the crowd of 15,000 at the Sprint Center from our 11th row center floor seats as we watched the silhouette on an enormous mosaic tile screen as JT emerged on stage from the shadows!  We were on our feet from that moment until the finale 2.5 hours later!  

The entire time Justin Timberlake was both humble and in awe and so much fun.  He even got the entire arena to sing Happy Birthday to the lady sitting 2 rows in front of us!  Can you imagine? Yes, JT brought sexy back with a stellar performance and I’m so glad we went!  our seats were so close to the stage it often felt that he was looking/singing right to us!   No-Bake Double Berry Cheesecake Lush Dessert recipe at

If I could have taken a dessert to Justin…….it would have been this no-bake Double Berry Cheesecake Lush Dessert I made recently.

If you haven’t noticed, we have been on a bit of a strawberry and cheesecake pudding kick here.  This no-bake dessert has about as many flavor variations as it does names.  But whether you call it Lush, 4 Layer Dessert or Delight……I’m sure it will bring sexy back and you will call it easy and delicious!  A perfect dessert for parties, potlucks, and other gatherings.

You could easily change up flavors, or make half the dessert, by using an 8 or 9 inch pan, or make a lighter version by using fat free cream cheese, light cool whip and sugar free pudding.

No-Bake Lush Dessert recipe at

Double Berry Cheesecake Lush Dessert

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours, 25 minutes

Yield: 20 servings

Double Berry Cheesecake Lush Dessert


  • 1 package (14.3 oz) Golden Oreos
  • 4 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 (8 ounce) containers Cool Whip, divided (or equivalent homemade whipped cream)
  • 2 (3.4 ounce 4-1/2 cup serving) packages of Jello Cheesecake instant pudding and pie filling (use vanilla if you can't find cheesecake)
  • 3 cups milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 4 cups sliced strawberries and raspberries


  1. Crush Oreos to fine crumbs using a food processor, or place cookies in resealable plastic bag and crush using a rolling pin, glass or mallet.
  2. Place cookie crumbs and melted butter in large bowl to combine. Press the mixture into bottom of a 9x13 baking dish and set aside.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix the cheesecake pudding and milk together and whisk for 3 to 5 minutes. Place the mixture in refrigerator to set up slightly.
  4. In a medium bowl, beat the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla together until smooth. Spread evenly over the cookie crust.
  5. Remove pudding from refrigerator and fold in one of the 8 ounce containers of Cool Whip, and spread over cream cheese layer.
  6. Layer most of the berries over pudding (leaving some to garnish with), spread remaining 8 ounce container of Cool Whip over berries.
  7. Cover and place in refrigerator at least 2-4 hours to chill before serving. Just before serving, top with fresh berries. To serve, cut into squares. Store in refrigerator.

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No-Bake Double Berry Cheesecake Lush Dessert recipe at

What was the last concert you went to?

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  1. Glad you had fun and love the dessert!

  2. Love this dessert, but LOVE JT even more! So fun that you got to go! I’m not sure I’m liking his hair, though, from those pics… haha!

  3. I need a good adult concert, and I think JT would be amazing! This dessert looks SOOOO delicious, I want to make it right now! I’ve tried to get a few friends to go to concerts with me (Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons), but they are all fuddy duddy’s! I need to try harder, because this looks like so much fun!

    • do it!!! you will have a blast! and I was pleasantly surprised at how many older adults (mid 30’s and up) were at the concert – I never once felt out of place!! 😉

  4. My family would go nuts for this! Happy to see you had fun at the concert!

  5. What a fun time. And a beautiful dessert…love the sunny photos!!

  6. How fun! My daughters and i went two years ago to see the Backstreet Boys which was so fun!! Dessert looks amazingly delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  7. My daughter works for Live Nations and we get to go to alot of great concerts! I just turned 60 but that does not stop me. I was so fortunate to be able to see Elton John this summer! There were alot of grey haired folks and we were on our feet singing along! One is never too old for good music! I gonna give this recipe a try! It looks great!!

  8. Your photos are STUNNING and this dessert sounds like one that I will LOVE! Glad you had a blast at the concert!

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  10. it looks delicious!

  11. Enjoyed seeing your JT pics since I was not that up close and personal. I went Wed night with friends and we were in the very last row upper level to the side of the stage. We couldn’t see the screen behind the stage from where we were sitting. I was disappointed he didn’t have big screens up top for people to see. You were smart to be on the floor. The concert was a much different experience from the nosebleed section, but I still love him 🙂

  12. Wow this looks wonderful!

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  15. JT is on my list to see, for sure.  He is beyond talented!  

    What a gorgeous dessert this is, Cheryl…just in time for Easter.

  16. I can only imagine what a fabulous time that was! I’ve grown to really appreciate Justin Timberlake as a performer and bet his show is a blast! 

    And, cheesecake, I just can’t get enough of it. Totally my weakness.

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