Back to School and Windows Phone Giveaway(ended)


First Day of School Junior Year

Ummmm, could someone PLEASE tell me how this happened?

Our baby, our youngest, started her Junior year of high school yesterday!  That can’t be possible.

This year, we no longer have have to rush out the door with her in the morning, or stop what I’m doing at 2pm to go pick her up.  She’s driving herself to school, and as much as that scares me to death, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you how good it feels to not have that chore every day.

Can you believe she had homework already?

Homework with Windows Phone

aaaaaand she could not find her graphing calculator from last year! {sigh} but we were in luck!  We grabbed my Windows Phone and checked the Market Place, and sure enough, there was a graphing calculator app with five star reviews!

I quickly pinned it to my main screen……..she can’t lose that! HA!

Windows Phone tiles at

The front screen of the Windows Phone is one of my favorite features with it’s changing icons. It shows me current weather conditions (no need to click to see them), changing status updates from family and friends, my, I can keep track of how much water I’ve drank, or find a public restroom………ALL on my main screen. Static icons are so yesterday!  The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone shows you everything that’s important to YOU all in one glance.

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How would you like to win the “Pink Nokia Lumia 900” Windows Phone –  The newest color to join the Lumia family!  One lucky TidyMom reader will win one of their very own!  How sweet is that pink phone?!

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Disclosure: Microsoft gave me the the new Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone to test drive. I am being compensated for this review, however all opinions are all my own!

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  1. I’m stuck with a pay as you go phone that isn’t very smart, so I’d love to win one, please add me too! THanks!!

  2. My favorite thing about back to school was buying new school clothes and supplies!!

  3. My favorite thing about back to school was getting new clothes!!!!

  4. I loved seeing my friends again and getting new clothes for school.

  5. My favorite thing was just getting all the new school supplies & organizing them.! Maybe I was just a bit of a nerd, hmm.. I was also really looking forward to seeing all my friends again..

  6. New school supplies of course!

  7. My favorite thing about back to school was the shopping 🙂

  8. It’s funny how quickly our kids grow up! Your daughter is lovely…I hope she has a great year. I remember that I always looked so forward to getting back into school so I could see my friends!! Those were fun days (with some studying thrown in)! The phone looks great…I think I could figure it out…I love that you could have your grocery list right on it….rather than home on the fridge! Ha!

    • thanks so much Trish, I can’t believe she will be finished with High School before we know it!
      Grocery list is a GREAT thing to have on your phone!!


  10. I really like to see all my friends when I went back to school when I was in school.

  11. My favorite thing about going back to school was having a schedule again! I crave routine, not that I’m type A or anything…

  12. My favorite thing was getting to see my school friends again and catch up on what everyone did over the summer.

  13. I loved shopping for new school supplies. I also love the feeling of a fresh start each back to school.

  14. When I was in school, my favorite thing about back to school was re-uniting back with all my friends! 🙂

  15. New clothes and seeing friends.

  16. I would love a Windows Phone; however, I would not love the monthly bill that comes along. Great offer though!

  17. I wasn’t really wild about school. 🙂 However, now that I have graduated from college, I love school supplies!!! 🙂 I’m a pencil/pen horder and notebook collector. 🙂

  18. New clothes was my fav thing about back to school, that and the fair b/c it always started the same time as school!

  19. I would love a windows phone !!

  20. My favorite thing about back to school was the school supplies. I still do!

  21. My favorite back to school thing was getting away from the parents and the tons of chores they loaded on me over the summer. I just wanted to be back in class, reading, being with my friends.

  22. My favorite thing was to use the new thinngs, you know, the notebooks, pencil, colors, book etc.

  23. new stationery!

  24. My favorite thing when going back to school was the shopping for new school clothes!

  25. My favourite thing about going back to school was getting new clothes! lol

  26. Seeing my friends and learning

  27. Getting new school supplies was my favorite thing! It still is my favorite thing too! I love new crayons!

  28. My favorite thing about going back to school as a kid was the new school supplies and new clothes. Now as a teacher…it’s still the same!

  29. I have a blackberry that’s fading fast! This phone seems sooooo easy to use!

  30. My favorite thing about being back to school was seeing my friends…. Everybody usually went out of town or country for summer so we would seldom have a chance to get together much during summer…..

  31. Brand new school supplies…they are the best!

  32. Seeing all my friends again, we lived in a rural area and in the summers it was mainly just my brother and I except when we went to Church.

  33. My favorite thing about going back to school was the smell of thenew books! 🙂

  34. My favorite tile would be the facebook or email. Those are the two that I would use the most.

    • oops! Wrote the wrong answer! My favorite part was going shopping for supplies and clothes, and then getting to wear them to school and see all my friends.

  35. My mom took a picture of me of my first day of school from kindergarten to 12th grade. Funny to look at them now. My favorite thing about going back to school was the new clothes!

    • I wish I had done that every year with my girls. My oldest hardly has any first day of school pics, and my youngest only has it for the last few and Kindergarten.

  36. I loved new school supplies and math homework – I know I’m crazy!

  37. My favorite part is the school supply shopping, don’t know why, just is.

  38. My favorite thing about back to school was having that new first day of school outfit.

    • me too! do you know I can tell you exactly what I wore to school on my first day of High School?!

      Izod jeans, a pink izod oxford shirt and topsiders – yes it was the early 80’s lol

  39. Wearing my back to school clothes on the first day of school and seeing my friends.

  40. My favorite thing was buying all new school supplies!

  41. my favorite thing was cute school supplies!

  42. Awesome blog and fantastic contest. Thank you & goodluck to all

  43. Shopping for school supplies!!!

  44. My favorite thing about back to school was getting my schedule and seeing what friends were in my classes (:

  45. the new clothes AND seeing if there were any new cute guys. 😉

  46. I was a band nerd…so school always started a few weeks before with “camp”. I always looked forward to the first day, when I wasn’t sweating and could wear my new clothes. 😉

  47. My favorite thing about back to school was the back to school clothes shopping!

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