How to Make a Girl’s Emergency Clutch


Boy do I have a treat for you today!  The craftalicious girls over at eighteen25 are here show us how to make a Survial Kit.  I can only imagine all fun I could have making these for my self and for all my girl friends!!  Just think, bridesmaid gifts, Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas!  So cute!
Take it away ladies……………………


Hi there TidyMom friends!!

we are Jennifer, Jamie and Jodie, the sisters from eighteen25 .
We are big fans of Cheryl’s and the TidyMom blog so we are very excited to be here today!!
We don’t know about you but there are lots of days when we feel like we live in the car.
from morning till dinner time….it’s go, go, go.

If you can relate, go grab yourself a potholder.

you need one of these babies!
it’s a girl’s emergency clutch!
(cute potholder turned emergency wallet)

Survival Kit

Make a girl's survival kit from a potholder at

you know…a catch all!
for the things you always need….but never have.
Make a girl's survival kit from a potholder at


It’s perfect for your car or purse or boat or camper…..
so, let’s get started!
here’s what you’re going to need:

(just a few things really)
1.  a square potholder (ours are from Target…the Dwell line)
2.  a large button
3.  about. 6″ grosgrain coordinating ribbon
4.  10 snack size zip lock baggies
5.  tape
6.  coordinating embroidery floss
7. sewing machine
diy survival kit
step 1: lay your potholder inside up (make sure your pocket is at the top, either on the inside of the wallet or the outside).  place one zip lock on the right side (zipper toward the  right edge) and place a piece of tape on the top and bottom (to keep the baggies from moving).  place another zip lock on the left side overlapping the first (with the zipper toward the left edge) and tape the top and bottom.  continue alternating sides and overlapping the bottoms of all ten baggies (5 on each side).
how to make survival kit
step 2:  now that the baggies are securely taped in place, sew a zig zag stitch all the way down the middle of the potholder (which should also be down the middle of the overlapped baggies).
diy emergency kit
step 3: fold your potholder in half to make your wallet and find your middle to sew on your button.  we used yellow embroidery floss…just to make a statement.
homemade survival kit


step 4: using your 6″ piece of grosgrain ribbon, fold in half lengthwise and sew all the way down.  (you can use a thinner ribbon or even a hair elastic…this is just what we had on hand).  then, on the backside of your wallet, make a loop with your ribbon large enough to fit over your button and sew down.
and…there you have it!


Make a girl's survival kit from a potholder at

a few ideas of things to put in your emergency clutch:

advil or tylenol
band aids/first aid cream
tooth picks/floss
hair elastics
eye drops
cough drops
emergency medication
feminine products
an emergency mimi (pacifier)
spare house key
nail file
pen and pencil (for that cute front pocket, of course!)
Potholder survival kit
Thanks so much for having us Cheryl!!

About the Author:

born + raised  in vegas. These three sisters grew up in a little brick house on the east side of town. The number hammered onto their  mailbox was 1825.

Visit eighteen25 for three fun, crafty sisters who love to create, share fun tutorials and free printables.

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  1. Made these years and years ago (10 years) and the bags have held up fine Use for fitst aid kit in the car, makeup kit, travel jewelry case and etc. We used the kind that had a loop for hanging so we had one less step we taught our youth group to make these at girls camp (ages 12-18). They loved them!

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  5. I just made these to give to our swim team coaches as gifts. Thanks for sharing the idea!

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  8. Hi –

    I love this idea. I plan to make some for my family and possibly for gifts. I would like to try and make this something to hold your silverware (or at least the knives) in a mess kit. I always worry about the knife just floating around in a mess kit and reaching in the dunk bag without seeing inside. You could also use the oven mitt part ot hold food that may be too hot! Any suggestions on how this could be done?


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  10. I LOVE this idea! This would work great for my knitting notions too! Thank you for sharing, and Merry Christmas!

  11. I just made this bag for daughter who is in college. I put ” necessities” in it for her to keep on her car or purse. I sewed a pice of hemming lace down the middle and on the outside as mine did not have the pocket. It is awesome. I am going to make one for my nieces and myself

  12. Super adorable!

  13. Aw, this was a really nice post. Finding the time and actual effort to create a great
    article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a whole lot
    and don’t seem to get anything done.

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  20. So clever idea! Thank you for shearing it!

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  25. I saw a ton of people saying the Ziplocs wore out fast… So I am going to make one with inexpensive cotten so I can toss the whole thing when the bags get stretched out. A little more handy that way, but still cute!

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