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SAVE MONEY – Clean Refrigerator with a Coil Brush

Save money on costly repairs and extend the life of your refrigerator with this simple tool.


That’s the sound I heard when I walked into my kitchen the other morning.

It was coming from our refrigerator. I knew what it meant. I was past due on cleaning my refrigerator coils.

Did you know that by spending just 15-20 minutes cleaning your refrigerator coils you can eliminate refrigerator problems and  keep it running in top shape?

Clean refrigerator Coils

You can eliminate repair calls by almost 70% and extend the life of your appliance just by keeping it clean! Yep, that’s right keep your refrigerator coils clean and you could have your refrigerator for years and years like mine! {although NOT ideal if you want to beg your husband for a new one lol}


refrigerator coil brush


To keep the repairman away, all you need is a $10 Coil Brush!   I LOVE this thing! Seriously it has saved me numerous times when I thought the big cold box was failing me.

When the coils are clogged with dirt and dust, they can’t release heat properly.  This results in  your compressor working harder and longer than it was designed to, using more energy and shortening the life of your fridge.


How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

  • Pull out refrigerator
  • Unplug electrical cord
  • Remove Toe Grill to access coils
  • Use coil brush and vacuum to clean the coils.   The coil brush is bendable so it will fit in tight areas, and the brush is designed to grab and hold the dust and dirt.  Don’t be afraid to push it into tight spots and in between all of the coils.  Use your vacuum to clean up the dust as you go, and vacuum the brush each time you pull it out.
  • Continue until no more dirt is pulled out with the coil brush.
  • Plug fridge back in, push back in place and replace toe grill.

*Do this at least twice a year, or more often if you have pets that shed.



Eliminate refrigerator replairs and extend the life, by cleaning the coils every 6 months | TidyMom.net


TidyMom I'm Lovin' ItI’m Lovin….My Refrigerator Coil Brush

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  1. Hi Cheryl-

    I have to say that refrigerator coil brush got me excited. I usually use the brush from my car that I use to brush the snow off my car in the winter. For $7 – what a deal- no more junk under the fridge. Thanks for the tip.
    My best- Diane

  2. I’m so embarrassed to admit that I’ve never clean our refrigerator coils. And now, I must do it this weekend.

    Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing two recipes this week, sourdough bread and lemon-filled chocolate cupcakes.

  3. I need to clean my refrigerator coils, again. Thank you for the reminder 🙂 Wanda

  4. Great brush! I wish I had one for every time I’ve cleaned my fridge coils and now that I know they exist, will have to get one. Maintenance such as this is done in our household on schedule usually twice a year….when we turn the clocks back and again when we turn the clocks forward…we check the smoke detectors , change their batteries and clean them the same time.

  5. Cheryl, I *aspire* to be as tidy as you!
    Have added this one to my summer cleaning jobs, thanks for educating us on it!

  6. Thanks for this reminder! I’m seriously going to go clean my fridge now lol.

  7. I thought the dust bunnies were responsible for cleaning my refrigerator coils?!! I need to check their contract.

  8. Ummm…there are coils under the refrigerator???? OK…guess I gotta start cleaning…;) And thanks so much for hosting, Cheryl! Have a great long weekend!!!

  9. thanks for hosting! I could use to clean out around my fridge, too, I think.

  10. Thanks for the tutorial on how to clean a fridge. I just recently did that with just my vacuum, but that tool looks pretty awesome. I’m going to have to look into it. Thanks for the linky party!

  11. I’ve got to admit that I never clean the coils… I even have a brush for the job, too!

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  13. what a great invention!! lol i never knew such a thing existed. thanks for sharing!

  14. ok, i NEED one of those brushes!! We just got a new fridge in December and I am paranoid! Our old one wasn’t even that old and I think it’s because the coils never got cleaned! You so smart 😉

  15. I clean my refrig coils about every 6 to 9 months. My brush works perfectly for this.
    Also use my brush to clean dryer vent. I open the flap on the outside of the house, and brush away. Dryer fires start in the vent tubing when lint gets too hot- so remove that lint.

  16. You are so good, Cheryl. I never knew there was such a brush.

  17. Thank you so much for this AMAZING linky party! Have a magical weekend! And thank you for the refrigerator tip! I thought that maybe something had come alive in there for all the racket it was making! 🙂

  18. I have a Kenmore side by side and the coils are on the bottom HOWEVER, they are in a v pattern yet turned so that I can NOT get a brush in to clean them. Nothing I have found to work on this, I don’t recommend this kind of fridge to anyone. Love the cleaning brush too for the dryer 🙂

  19. What a great little tool!

  20. Wondering how many of us are headed off to clean our fridge coils after reading this?! 😉 I know I am! Thanks for the great tip and for hosting the lovely party! Have a great weekend!

    Heather @At The Picket Fence

  21. I added my Mini Pecan Pie Muffins. Thanks for hosting!

  22. Hey Cheryl…thanks for hosting…always look forward to Fridays and this party. That refrigerator brush reminds me of a wacky tool that my friend found to clean out her drains with…lol Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  23. Our repairman taught us to take our vacuum hose to the coils a few times a year. Such a great timesaver (and money saver!)

  24. Great tip! I need to toss one of those in my Amazon cart – thanks for the reminder 🙂

  25. Don’t laugh…I am testing my gravatar. 😉

  26. Um, how many times have I cleaned my refrigerator coils? I think that falls under the category of “Never”. Great tip – I need to get on this.

  27. Thank you again for hosting! Have a wonderful week. 🙂

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