Ducky Baby Shower Punch


One of the most rewarding things about blogging, is the friendships that are formed.  Some I’ve been able to meet in person, but many I have not, but it doesn’t stop us from being a huge support system for one another.  We “get together” daily to chat, laugh, cry, vent, and support each other.  (Skype is such an awesome tool!)

So it only makes sense that when one of us has something really huge to celebrate, we ALL want to celebrate!!  No matter how many miles between us!

Today, we are throwing a SURPRISE virtual baby shower for a blogging friend.

Ducky Bath Baby Shower Punch Recipe

The mom-to-be is expecting her fourth baby next week!  A sweet baby boy.  And we couldn’t let it pass with out celebrating in a special way!

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of a baby shower?  Great food and there’s always punch! When else do you get to sip a sugary filled colorful concoction out of tiny little cups?

I’ve been dying for an excuse to make this adorable Ducky Bath Punch!  The blue Kool-Aid makes it look like bath water and  the sherbet mixed with the ginger ale gives it  “bath bubbles”.

Ducky Baby Shower Punch Tips

UPDATE: I get emails all the time asking how to make this punch pink….but the whole point of the blue is for the water (not for boy/girl) pink water would no longer look like ducks in a bath, it would look like ducks in pink punch. I usually suggest if you really need it to look more girly, use pink ducks.…..but honestly if your shower theme is pink, and this is sitting in the middle, it will fit in just fine…blue water and all! HA

Blue Kool Aid – Look for Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade or Berry Blue flavors

Also, not all rubber ducks will float – I bought bath tub rubber duckies from the baby department.  Make sure your rubber ducks float!

Can’t find Blue Kool Aid?

**Many people are having a problem finding blue Kool-Aid.  A reader used berry blue typhoon Hawaiian Punch, ginger ale, white grape juice and sherbet… and NO SUGAR! (the Hawaiian Punch is sweetened so no more sugar is needed)


Ducky Bath Baby Shower Punch Recipe

Ducky Baby Shower Punch Recipe

Ducky Bath Baby Shower Punch

Yield: 24 small servings

Ducky Bath Baby Shower Punch

Summary: Adorable Ducky Bath Punch – The blue Kool-Aid makes it look like bath water and the sherbet mixed with the ginger ale gives it “bath bubbles”.


  • 1 packet blue, unsweetened Kool-Aid (Look for Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade or Berry Blue flavors)
  • 1 (2 liter) bottle Ginger Ale
  • 1 (64 oz) bottle White Grape Juice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 8 scoops pineapple sherbet
  • 2-3 Rubber Duckies (make sure they float - bathtub toys)
  • maraschino cherries (optional for garnish)
  • orange slices (optional for garnish)


  1. Chill ginger ale and grape juice over night
  2. Remove sherbet from freezer about 1/2 hour before serving punch to soften
  3. In a large bowl, combine Kool-Aid packet, sugar and chilled juice. Stir to blend.
  4. Slowly add chilled ginger ale.
  5. Float 8 scoops of softened sherbet on top
  6. Add Rubber Duckies (don’t forget to wash before using)
  7. garnish cups with cherries and orange slices


I**f you can't find Blue KoolAid then you can replace the KoolAid and sugar with Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch. DO NOT ADD 1 CUP of sugar if you do this! The Hawaiian Punch already has sugar in it.

1 gallon bottle Hawaiian Punch Berry Blue 1 large can of White Grape Juice 1 (2 liter ) bottle of Ginger Ale (or Sprite) Pineapple Sherbet

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  1. I wish I could throw a baby shower just so I could serve this punch. I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s adorable! I love how you guys threw this for Amanda. She is one of the nicest and sweetest people I “know”.

  2. This is so stinkin cute! Thanks for sharing such a great idea. You are truely one creative girl!

  3. This whole idea warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face:-) It’s so sweet how these online friendships can really develop into a way to touch each other’s lives. All my best to Amanda!

  4. It is so so cute!

  5. What an adorable idea! The punch AND the party! How fun!!!

  6. Like I told Bridget… you guys are so AMAZINGLY talented!! You are so inspirational to sooo many people!! How awesome for Amanda to have so many people who love her & to surprise her w/ a Virtual Baby Shower!! Only you guys could come up with something so BRILLIANT!! This punch is sooo stinkin cute…. can’t wait make this!! (:

  7. Oh how clever and adorable! I love that you guys are doing this for another blogger- such a neat development of these relationships! And I will definitely go check her out- tell me a girl’s a baker and she’s already won me over!! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Hope you get to visit again soon! And I’m so glad you did stop by because your site is incredible and I am all giddy about being able to explore all of it now!

  8. Seriously the coolest baby shower idea ever! I might find an excuse to make that punch even if there is no baby shower on the calendar.

  9. This is so cute. I’m involved in putting on a little boy baby shower in a month or two. This will definitely be on the “to do” list!

  10. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I would love for you to link up to my very first link party!

  11. I LOVE this idea! Wish I had seen it sooner! I just did a ducky baby shower. I’ll def remember this for next time! 🙂

  12. This is beyond darling, Cheryl! I featured this on my weekly Wednesday’s Wowzers:

    Thanks for inspiring!

  13. That punch is amazing! I am bookmarking for one day!

  14. Hi 🙂 I’m a new reader and love your site. My son and DIL are having a baby shower in 2 weeks, (Their first baby!) and this punch will be perfect! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  15. That punch is so cute. I’m due with my first in June. How can I nicely forward this to my friend throwing my shower?

  16. The cutest baby shower punch EVER!

  17. The punch looks great! And you were right. It is a lot like the one I posted. Ducks and all!

  18. lol how cute, nice :)_

  19. I love this punch! What a great idea for a baby shower.

  20. I made a pink version of this and linked back to your post!
    Thank you for the idea!

  21. Oh wow!! We’re throwing a party for my son this Saturday and THAT is what I’m gonna be doing for my guests 🙂 One question though, I live in Quebec Canada, I’ve been to about 20 supermarkets and it’s absolutely impossible to find blue Kool-Aid!! So I was thinking of using blue Gatorade instead, you think it could work??

    Also, how long those the punch look as good as on your picture? I mean before the sherbet all melts and blends with the rest?? Does it still look nice afterwards or does it turn into a weird looking punch?? (if so I guess we’ll just have to drink it faster :))
    thanks in advance!


  22. Hey – i just came across this pic/blog while trying to find a Shower Punch recipe…thought it was SO ADORABLE! however…are you sure pouring the gingerale first then putting the sherbet in makes the frothy foam? Hmm…or should i put the sherbet in first then the soda? it just seems to me it would froth MORE if i did that rather than putting the sherbet in last. No? I guess looking at the pic you place the spoonfuls of sherbit on top of the froth like lil clouds…though, so maybe. I just want to INSURE this works properly bc it’s SOOO CUTE!!! Do you think this could work if i Just did gingerale and sherbet…maybe used pineapple or lemon sherbet and used food coloring for the blue? i dunno about the kool-aid…

    • We just had this punch at my baby shower. My best friend made it exactly how this recipe lists it (minus the garnish). Since we’ve made a Christmas punch where you pour the ginger ale over a block of sherbet, she was very skeptical about the foam…but it turned out just like in the picture. And the foam didn’t really “melt away” into it, either. The punch didn’t stay cold for the whole two hours, but we’re Down South and just added ice cubes. 🙂

  23. this punch is the greatest idea! I LOVE it! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  24. I made this today for my brother in law’s shower and it was very good. The blue was perfect, as they are expecting twin boys. We used plates printed with pastel rubber duckies on a blue bubble background. The fruit arrangement was from Edible Arrangements, and was in a yellow duck container.

    I also made a similar punch in pink for my daughter’s one year birthday, floating about a dozen little pink rubber ducks wearing birthday hats that I purchased at the party store.

    This is definitely an eye catcher – getting lots of compliments.

  25. I plan on making this for my daughters birthday party: Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Punch (sesame st theme) …..I can’t find pineapple sherbet. Do you think I could use orange and have the same yummy result?

  26. I love this idea. I have a baby shower coming up in March for my niece. This is her first child and it is a girl.. I have been thinking of what to serve and I love this punch… Just have to make it pink. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  27. So very cute!!! Just love it. This is one for my recipe file

  28. Hi….just wanted to mention that we made this punch last weekend for my daughters baby shower. (She’s having a boy) it was a huge success and we received tons of compliments on it. We served it in pint sized mason jars with “its a boy ” ribbons toed around them and blue and white polka dotted straws. The mason jars also served as a party favor. Unique and inexpensive! It was a big hit!

  29. Can you use 7 up instead of Ginger ale

  30. If it was for a little girl, why not paint little pink bows on the little ducks? In a non-toxic pain, of course! LOVE this idea!!

  31. Can’t wait to make this for my step-daughter’s baby shower! She saw it and feel in love with it! Thanks for the great idea!!

  32. Does anyone know if blue food coloring will work? I can’t find blue Kool Aid.

    • It’s pretty easy to find at any store around here. You could use Blue Hawiaan punch instead of the koolaid , sugar and juice.
      I’m afraid blue food color will stain teeth and mouth a lot more.

  33. what makes it foam ? does it always do that ? id love to make some

  34. Help! I am wanting to make this for a shower this weekend but I can’t find blue kool aid anywhere! I’m in Texas. I’ve tried HEB, WalMart and Kroger.


  36. Made this punch today for a year old baby party and everyone raved over it !!!! I thought I had picked up the blue koi laid packet but had grabed the mixed berry and it obviously was not blue but pink in color, but with the way people raved over it, I think it was just fine!!! Wil definetly use again!!!

  37. Do you think this could be doubled in made in a baby bathtub, or would the plastic not work well?

  38. Uh-oh! Blue Kool-Aid packets are impossible to find! I substituted already made blue Hawaiian Punch for the white grape juice. Very tasty!

  39. so cute !!!

  40. I made this for my sister-in-law’s baby shower I threw her last night and not only was it ADORABLE and a huge hit, it was YUMMY too! I couldn’t find any plain yellow rubber duckies anywhere but Bath and Body Works carries some really cute ones with patterns on them and it looked fantastic! So much fun! Thanks for the idea!

  41. I want to make this for my baby shower this weekend! Does anyone know te flavor or the blue kool aid? Please and thank you!

  42. Great Idea. I used it at my daughter’s Baby Shower. We did experiment with the recipe before using it. BEWARE of using white grape juice and the ginger ale. They both have a yellow tint to them and they turn the blue kool aid green. Also, BEWARE of what kind of koolaid you purchase. It will turn your teeth and tongue blue. I don’t think your guests would appreciate that! This is what we used to substitute. Blue Hawiian Punch and Sprite.

    • Thanks for the tips……we didn’t have any of those issues.

    • This is in response to “Baby Shower”. Could you give me your exact recipe where you used the Blue Hawaiian Punch and Sprite will the exact directions. I am wanting to make this soon and think it will be great. Could you email me directly at Thanks so much. I can’t wait to make this. Jannis

  43. I made this recipe and used tropical punch koolaid and it turned out great so for those of you throwing a baby shower for a girl baby you could use tropical punch koolaid instead of the blue. it is kinda a red color but its not blue and it tasted great.

    • cute………but the blue kool-aid represents water, not blue for a boy.
      so if you make the punch pink – it will just look like ducks floating in pink punch, not “bath water”.

      if you’re really hung up on making it look more girly, I suggest finding girlie ducks or when it’s in the center of a pink/girl baby shower, it will not look “boy”.

  44. How many cups did you get out of this? We are having 50 people.

  45. Helped plan a baby shower last Saturday, and this punch was a hit! I used rainbow sherbert and it all sort of swirled together after a couple hours and look very pretty. And tasted delicious

  46. I just got done serving this ducky punch about 4 minutes ago at a staff baby shower and it was perfect. I can’t believe how well it came it. So freaking geeked!!

  47. i would love to do this for my sons first birthday! Thanks for the recipe, but I have not been able to find pineapple sherbet is there something else you can use? Thanks again for the cool idea.

  48. i made this punch and everyone enjoyed it, made it for my sons Elmo birthday party

  49. Is the pedestal glass cake plate yours? Do you know anything about it? How old it is? I have one also and don’t know its history. … love the ducky punch idea!

  50. hosted a baby shower , very cute idea !!! I served it in a pink baby bath with duckies around it and a blow up duck next to it , makes a great present when done

    • What punch packet did you use to make it pink?

      • the blue if for the effect of looking like water – not for boy or girl – if you make the punch pink, it will no longer seem like bath water.

        • Thank you for this great idea. I will be hosting a baby shower next month, with a ” FINDING NEMO” theme. We are going to use this punch and put floating NEMO bath toys in it. Maybe even the ones that don’t float. I’m hoping it will be a huge hit.

      • You can also find a large variety of different kinds of rubber ducks on the Oriental Trading Company website…literally, any kind of rubber duck you want is there!

        • thanks so much!…just be sure they are floating/bath tub ducks

          • I’ve always liked the Hawaiian Punch & lemon lime soda recipe with sherbet. It was an easy leap when I saw the blue Hawaiian Punch on the grocery shelf. Always stays blue, no color problems and everyone likes it.

    • Can this punch be made using alcohol? Will that affect the suds?

      • I don’t know, I’ve never tried it. Please leave an update if you do.

      • I make a punch similar to this for New Years Eve. 2, 2 liters bottles of ginger ale, 7up or sprite, 1 bottle 750 ml champagne and a small tub of sherbert. I use rainbow. Light, refreshing and very frothy. Nice way to welcome the new year! 🙂

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