You know the saying….. “If mama ain’t happy, then no body is happy” ?  I think most of us would agree that a dirty house can really stress us out and a clean house can make us a little more pleasant to be around {wink}.  So, when the people from Neato Robotics asked if I was interested in trying out their new XV-21 Pet and Allergy model, I jumped at the opportunity!

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Why Consider using an Automated Robotic Vacuum?

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that pushes me over the stress level edge than my floors.  When the girls were little I vacuumed EVERY DAY.  We’ve always had dogs in the house so vacuuming the floors daily was the only way to keep me sane. 

Now that they are older, and our lives are busier, we are down to vacuuming once a week.  I’ve learned to live with that…..but it’s not my ideal.  A robotic vacuum gave me my happy back!  It does the vacuuming so I don’t have to.  Actually, I don’t even need to be home, or awake, while my floors are being cleaned.

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How Does the Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner Work?

It does what I don’t have time to do! — without me doing it (or paying someone to do it)!  To be honest, I was a little skeptical.   But,  I am here to tell you that this little power machine amazed me.  The XV-21 is specifically designed for households with pets and allergens, and  has higher airflow to pick up dirt and pet hair and reduce allergens in the home on a daily basis.

As soon as the Neato arrived at our house, I was ready to put it to work!  I took it out of the box and charged it (which only took about 2 hours for a full charge), then I let it to go crazy cleaning my carpets and tile! 

Neato Robotics

This first-of-its-kind mapping robot uses the laser-based positioning and path-planning system to keep track of what it has already cleaned and what it has left to clean. It cleans your home, using a simple back-and-forth straight line pattern so that it looks like you did the vacuuming yourself . It avoids bumping as much as possible because it can actually “see” an object and clean around it. And, it can pause mid-cleaning to re-charge its batteries and return to where it left off to finish vacuuming.

It lets me know when it’s finished vacuuming and returns to it’s charging base! (no need to babysit it!)

Neato Finished Vacuuming at

Watch this video to see how the Neato vacuum works! I’m just blown away by the job it does (do you think I’m going to need to give her a raise?)


WARNING:  I’m going to get a little personal………

I’m going to show you my dirt!

Remove Dirt Bin from Neato at

I was seriously disgusted!  I mean, we clean our carpets, have a good upright vacuum, and use it to vacuum the house at least once a week.  But look what the Neato got on the first run thru my house!

Neato Dirt Bin at

The Neato goes underneath furniture that I do not get to with my upright on a regular basis, and the power it has just blew me away.  Is it loud?  No, I would say it’s a little more quiet than running my upright vacuum.

I’ve Fallen in Love and Got my Sanity Back!

My favorite feature of the Neato is the fact that I can schedule it to clean. I don’t have to remember to turn it on. I used the menu to set the schedule and it does the rest, whether I’m at home, working, sleeping, doesn’t matter the Neato makes sure my floors stay cleanAll I have to do is empty the dirt bin!

Emty Dirt Bin on Neato at

Right now I have it scheduled to clean the whole house on Tues, Thurs and Saturday mornings, and the dirt bin is full every time!  If the Neato runs out of battery while cleaning, it heads back to the base, recharges then goes back to finish up  a few hours later.  You can also have it clean only certain areas, so maybe you want it to vacuum your family room daily, and the hallway every other day – it can do that too!


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Where to Buy the Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy

Neato retails for around $429, and can be purchased at places like Lowes, Sears, and on Amazon.  I know the price may sound a little steep, but there are some high end upright vacuums out there for that price and they don’t do the work FOR you!  You have to push them around, move furniture and wrap cords…….the neato, you just push a button and sit back and have a cup of coffee!

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This is definitely one household gadget that is making my life easier!  Now if they could just make one that can clean bathrooms………….ah, a girl can dream can’t she?

Let’s Give one Away!

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I love my Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy so much, the wonderful people at Neato Robotics said we could give one away to one lucky TidyMom reader Use the Rafflecopter below to enter this giveaway (if you are reading this via a reader or email, you must click over to the blog to enter). Remember, the more ways you enter, the better your chances are of winning! {wink}


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Disclaimer:   Neato sent me one of their machines to review.  All opinions, views, dirt and dog hair are my own!  Giveaway was also provided by Neato Robotics