Part three in a four-part series in how to clean your house and keep it clean.  Monthly Cleaning Routines

Countdown to Clean. Monthly Cleaning Tips at Using this method, you'll get your house clean without back-breaking effort. Remember, the more often you clean, the less build up you'll have.


In the past 2 weeks as part of the Countdown to Clean, we covered what you can do daily and weekly to keep your house from getting out of control. Today we will cover what you can do monthly.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish your monthly home-cleaning routines. First,  you could break it down and add two from the monthly list to each week’s ‘to do’ list . Or select one day out of the month to buckle down and knock off the whole list at once, which is what I usually do.

Monthly Cleaning

  • Clean out the refrigerator.  Throw out old or questionable food, wash down the shelves and veggie bins using vinegar water.  Replace box of baking soda.

Vacuum furniture


  • Vacuum lamp shades, upholstery , including under couch cushions
  • Dust air vents, ceiling fans, light fixtures and moldings
  • Clean the top of the fridge and kitchen cabinets
  • Clean inside windows and window sills.
  • Wash and deodorize insides of garbage cans and wastebaskets
  • Clean washer, dish washer and coffee pot by running vinegar water thru them
  • Flip mattresses


With the right home-cleaning routine under your belt, your home can stay clean enough to allow unexpected guests without worrying about what they might see. {wink}  There is no right way to create a home cleaning schedule.  The correct routine will be the one that works the best for your lifestyle so you can stick with it!

Next week, for part 4, I’ll share my annual cleaning routine; 12 chores, one added to each month.

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I’d love to hear what routines and tips work for you!

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