Recently we talked about what makes a kitchen great, is how you organize it.  I shared some Smart Organized Kitchen Cabinets, my cupboard confessions, and you had a chance to win a $500 Visa Gift card.

Today I’m talking about Kitchen Drawer Organization and announcing the $500 giveaway winner!!

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When we moved to this house 2.5 years ago, I came from a very small kitchen of 16 years with very little cabinet space. While this kitchen isn’t huge by any means, I was in heaven with my new found kitchen cabinet and drawer space.  I never intended for my kitchen drawer organization to become complete chaos.

The drawer with my kitchen tools has been a thorn in my side.  It wound up with some tools I rarely use, and the small drawer they started out in was quickly becoming dysfunctional…… you had to dig thru the drawer to find what you wanted. 

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How I Organized My Kitchen Drawer

The first thing I did was remove everything from the drawer and sort through my kitchen tools.  I threw out what was broken, and made a donation pile for the tools I never use.  I also decided that the larger drawer with my kitchen towels and potholders, could be downsized to a smaller drawer.  Since these two drawers are next to each other, it was an easy swap out!  The towels were sorted as well.

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Next, I gave the drawers a good cleaning.
Take Back Kitchen Drawer Organization at

Then I added the MasterBrand Cutlery Divider to the larger drawer.

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These two kitchen drawers are now reclaimed!! Look at the kitchen drawer organization I have now!!  Everything has a place! A few items, like my kitchen scale, found a new home and everything else, fit perfectly…… it’s so easy to find what I need.It’s amazing what a cutlery divider can do to create a more functional space.  Next up, I’ll be working on a few other drawers and cabinets.

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A big thanks to MasterBrand inspiring me to take back my kitchen drawer organization, starting with a simple cutlery divider. They are masters of creating customized organized cabinets and drawers and offer many other unique organizational options for your kitchen cupboards.

Check out more MasterBrand Kitchen Drawer Organization.

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For more inspiration and information on how to take back your kitchen drawer organization and cabinets be sure to check out MasterBrand Cabinets.

Oh and I don’t want to forget to congratulate the winner of the $500 Visa Gift Card from MasterBrand………  (you can read all about Smart Kitchen Organization here)

Congrats to Teresa P. who said ” These are the best ever!! I love the mixer pop out option!! Thanks for sharing!”

What drawers in your kitchen could use a little organizing?