(picture courtesy of Kaboodle)

Have you seen the vintage glass ball wreaths (like the one above)? They’re NOT cheap!

Andrea at Big Creek Cottage inspired me with her post to try make one for myself.

In Andrea’s words……..

If you can’t buy it….MAKE it!!

That’s EXACTLY what I did! For just under $15!AWESOME!

I didn’t have vintage glass ornaments, instead I bought shatter proof ornaments at Walmart.

1 Styrofoam wreath from Dollar Tree (probably 12″) $1.00

1 Roll of red Ribbon from Dollar Tree $1.00

1 box of 12 medium sized ornaments from Walmart $2.50

3 round containers of mini ornaments from Walmart (1 of each color) $3.00 ea

Lots of Hot Glue (picked up an extra bag at Dollar Tree) $1.00

HOW TO’s (you can click pictures to see larger)

First Iwrapped the wreath in the ribbon to hide any of the white wreath when finished.

Next I glued on all of the large ornaments.

After all of the large ornaments were in place, I then started filling in with the mini ornaments.

SHAZAM!!! My finished wreath!!

Ornament wreath at TidyMom.net

I LOVE how it turned out!! I was going to make one for Heather, but it took a LOT more ornaments than I had planned (I bought all of those thinking I could do 2 wreaths), and it was a little frustrating to do – probably would be easier if I had put the big ones on in a uniform way, but I didn’t want that look, so this way was probably a little harder.

I’m not sure where I’m going to hang it yet, or how I’m going to store it for next year (maybe in a spare closet wall) but I’m glad to have it finished!!