If you’re like me, you can never find your keys in the bottom of your purse. How is it that they can be the last thing you threw in your purse, but make their way to the darkest corner on the bottom in no time flat?

Imagine my excitement when I found Amy and her FABULOUS blog

The Idea Room!
Amy has a great EASY tutorial on how to make your own

Fashionable Fabric Key Chain!

Click here for her step-by-step tutorial

Look at the one I made!
Prepare your self! Amy’s blog is drool-worthy

and full of SO many GREAT ideas and photos!

She just does a little bit of everything,

and you secretly wish you could be her you wish you could have her talent.


Please go tell Amy hello! and remember,

I’m not responsible for your addiction to her blog! LOL

I’ve added this to Get Your Craft on at Today’s Creative Blog.



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