These DIY Tartan Plaid Coasters are the perfect project for any crafting afternoon. A variety of ages can accomplish this and the end result is something stylish you can use in your home.

Easy DIY Tartan Plaid Coasters tutorial at


Now that the holidays are over, and Cheryl is off on a cruise, who’s up for some easy DIY crafting?

I’m Kim from Today’s Creative Life  and I love to craft! But I don’t like it if it takes too long, has too many steps and has difficult instructions.



I am NUTS about tartan plaid right now. I’ve always loved it, but I’ve been seeing a come back lately in fashion and home decor and I couldn’t be more tickled.

I headed to my local fabric store and they didn’t have the collection I was hoping for, so I thought perhaps there was a download of Tartan patterns that would still be great for DIY projects. I found free downloads with a variety of patterns that worked perfectly. Some even have a fabric looking texture which was a nice surprise. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just google “Free Tartan Plaid download”. That’s what I did and found many to choose from. 

Easy DIY Tartan Plaid Coasters tutorial at

How to Make Tartan Plaid Coasters

Supplies Needed:

  • Tartan Plaid Images printed on regular printer paper
  • White 4 x 4 inch ceramic tiles – found at your local hardware store
  • Mod Podge or any other decoupaging medium
  • Foam brushes
  • Gloss enamel finish for sealing – or use outdoor mod podge

Easy DIY Tartan Plaid Coasters tutorial at

  1. Trim your plaid printed paper to fit your tile. I wanted a border, but since the images bled a bit, they may look better covering the full tile.
  2. Starting out with a clean and dry tile, brush a thin coat of Mod Podge over the full tile.
  3. Place and position your trimmed plaid piece on the tile.
  4. Brush another layer of Mod Podge over the printed plaid. Do this quickly to prevent excessive color bleeding. If it looked like it was getting bubbles, I used a roller to smooth it out and finished up with another coat if needed

Easy DIY Tartan Plaid Coasters tutorial at

  1. Let it dry overnight. Spray a coat of Gloss Enamel to seal it. Follow directions for drying time before using. Do not place in the dish washer or directly in water. Use a damp cloth to clean.

Look at these beautiful tartan plaid coasters! I love them!

Easy DIY Tartan Plaid Coasters tutorial at

If you’re able to find Tartan Plaid cotton fabric (not too thick) , you can use fabric instead of paper. Just follow the same directions.

Easy DIY Tartan Plaid Coasters tutorial at

Because I overdo everything I fall in love with, I also made Tartan Covered Cans for organizing. You can see the full tutorial on Today’s Creative Blog.

Easy DIY Tartan Plaid Covered Cans

Now wasn’t that fun? And it wasn’t too difficult! Not to mention how great it looks!

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