Did you know eyes age 36% faster than the rest of a woman’s body? YIKES!  The earliest signs of aging often appear around the eyes, beginning in a woman’s early 20s and rapidly progress in her 30s. Many of us associate crow’s feet with aging……but eyelids and lashes also play into the overall appearance of the eyes.  I know I’ve noticed that my eye lashes have thinned as I’ve gotten older. 

I was blessed with pretty good genes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to give special care to my skin to keep it looking it’s best!  I was thrilled when P&G asked if I would like to try their Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye & Lash Duo, the first eye cream and lash serum product with a dual applicator.  This easy-to-use applicator and hydrating formulas offers three benefits in one: visibly softer-looking lines, firmer eyes and coats to thicken lashes for younger-looking eyes in just one week. (check out OlayWowEyes.com)

5 Tips on How to Look Younger at TidyMom

I try my best to do things like sleep on my back instead of scrunching my face into a pillow, and wear sun glasses so I’m not squinting as much.  But now that I’m well into my 40’s I need to make sure I do a little more about those little tell-tale lines around my eyes.

First I have to say, I was proud of myself for being really good about using the Eye & Lash Duo twice a day for a week like the package suggests.  So often I pick up products and don’t really use them as directed.  After a week of use I did started to notice a difference!  I actually looked more rested and my eyes looked smoother. The lines definitely are not gone, but the skin around them, and especially my eye lids, looks smoother = younger!!  I was especially excited that my lashes looked longer and thicker.   The lash serum works like a primer so it  makes your mascara work like extensions! I often wear fake eye lashes (just 1/2 of one on the outer half of each eye—little tip I learned from Sue Bryce. Glamour Photographer)  and I have actually ditched the falsies recently.  This is something I will definitely continue to use!

Since we all know there’s no fountain of youth, I thought I’d a few of my favorite tips on how to look younger:

5 Tips How to Look Younger at TidyMom

  1. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A FACIAL:  I didn’t learn this until I was in my 40’s but I’ve been hooked ever since I experienced the most fabulous deep cleansing aromatherapy facial that totally transformed my skin.  Ideally I would like to have a facial on a regular basis, like once a month, but life often gets in the way and I don’t get in that often.  It makes such a world of difference in my skin, the deep pore cleansing rids my skin of toxins and dirt and makes my skin look refreshed and luminous.  TIP:  check cosmetology schools, prices are usually a fraction of a high priced salon, but just as rewarding.  My first facials were when my daughter was in cosmetology school.
  2. MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE, NECK & HANDS EVERY DAY:  In the morning, wash your face and apply daytime moisturizer with SPF  to still-damp skin on face and neck; let it soak in before applying makeup.  *don’t forget your eyes, try Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye & Lash Duo.  Repeat at night, but spend a minute longer washing your face to be sure you remove all dirt and makeup. Then, apply a nighttime moisturizer to face, neck and hands.
  3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Drink as much water as you can, it’s so good for your skin and your overall health. You’ll definitely look and feel a lot younger when you start drinking water.
  4. WHITEN YOUR TEETH.   Removing stains and yellowing your teeth will definitely give you a more youthful look. Use whitening toothpaste, brush with baking soda, pick up whitening strips, or visit your dentist.
  5. GET PLENTY OF REST & REDUCE STRESS.  I know rest can sometimes be a luxury, but trust me on this, it’s a luxury that you must indulge in!  When we sleep, our cells are renewed and our skin actually heals itself. Sleeping is such a healthy activity, and we should all get plenty of it.

    Stress can age you in no time, and some times, it just can’t be avoided.   Learn some relaxation techniques even if it means just learning how to take deep breaths throughout the day.  Take a bath after a long day, or simply soak your feet in a relaxing foot soak, close your eyes and put in your head phones and tune the world out for 15 minutes listening to your favorite music.

How about YOU?!  What are some of your favorite tips for looking younger?

Disclaimer:  I’m delighted to be working with P&G as an official member of the Blogger Brigadeas always, all opinions and wrinkles are 100% my own.