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Decorating with Succulents: I’m Lovin’ It


Succulents are such a great plant for indoors.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed my recent fascination with them.   Succulents are easy to take care of, cheap, easily propagate, don’t need much water and come in tons of beautiful colors and textures. Perfect for those who don’t have a very green thumb 😉

Decorating with Succulents at TidyMom

I picked up this container at Target to fill with a variety of succulents for our family room.  I stopped by my favorite local nursery, Hillerman’s Nusery & Florist, and they helped me pick out just the right combination for my planter and suggested some gravel to fill in over the soil

  decorating with succulents

The beauty of succulents is that they can handle full sun and they can live in the ground or a container, almost any kind of container!

Decorating with Succulents indoors

photo credits: the nester |  emily a. clark | style me pretty | forget me not landscape | straight from the garden | floral verde

I love how they look!

A fun thing about succulents, if you want more of one that you have, no need to head back to the nursery…… you can break off a piece of it and stick it into the ground or into a glass of water and it will sprout roots. Then plant it wherever you’d like! Easy Peasy!

Decorating with Succulents TidyMom

The key’s to growing succulents:


Do NOT over WATER.


ENJOY them!

Succulents are the perfect indoor plants for those with busy hectic lives and a brown thumb! You can easily find them at your favorite nursery and big box hardware stores.

 I’d love to hear how you decorate with succulents!

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  1. Happy Almost Weekend Cheryl! Thanks for hosting. you make it sound easy to keep a plant alive…I’m good with outdoor gardens, I’ve killed every indoor plant since the day I was married. 🙁

  2. Thank you so much for hosting Cheryl! I hope you have had a lovely week! Angie xo

  3. Thanks for the party, Cheryl! Have a fantastic weekend!! 🙂

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  6. Thanks so much for hosting! First time linking up at Tidy Mom : )

    Love Always,

  7. Thanks so much for hosting Cheryl!

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  9. I love succulents too and your container is beuatiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend – thanks so much for the party!

  10. Thanks so much for the party, Cheryl!

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  12. I just love house plants…but I have the blackest thumb ever. Every single one dies. I have some succulents in my bedroom, and I had to laugh at your comment to neglect them. It’s a good thing these ones are hardy because they have been severely neglected. Thank you for hosting.

  13. Thanks for hosting! I love succulents too. I have been buying vintage measuring cups and bundt pans and planting succulents in them (because I do not kill succulents) for gifts!

  14. LOVE Succulents! They are so easy and the various textures and colors are wonderful!
    Thanks for the party . Have a good weekend.

  15. succulents are about the only plant i don’t actually kill-LOL thanks for the party! 🙂

  16. Thank you for hosting! The succulents are beautiful!

  17. Thank you for hosting Cheryl. Have a great weekend!

  18. Thanks so much for this wonderful party this week, glad to be here. Happy Thursday!{Hugs}

  19. I love succulents! So easy and so cool looking.

    thank you for hosting again this week! Always a wealth of clever ideas!


  20. I think I’ve finally figured out where I can sneak in some succulents here in the house, yay! Happy Friday, Cheryl!

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  22. Love those Cheryl! The colors are so soothing which is probably why I’m drawn to them.

  23. Thanks so much for hosting each week! This is always a great party!

  24. Thanks for hosting@ Have a great day!

  25. I love, love, love this!! Thanks for sharing.

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  28. Saw your succulents tweet and had to click. So glad I did! Love your collection and styling. Have also added my Indonesian Turkey Fried Rice with Homemade Kecap Manis as I’m really loving it right now *patsbelly*

  29. Thank you very much for hosting another great party! Come back later to enjoy what other participants have created! Have a nice weekend! Lorena

  30. I love succulents, too. There’s such wide variety in the colors and textures of them. I haven’t had any in quite a few years, though. When we moved from our last home, I gave away the ones I had and never replaced them. I believe a trip to the nursery is overdue!

  31. I’ve loved the look of succulents for a long time and always wanted to try them, but didn’t know where to start. I’ll definitely have to give them a try now, I love how they add a pop of color to a house. I’m not sure if I have enough light in my house though, I’ll have to investigate and see. Thanks for sharing!

  32. I haven’t had any succulents since I was a kid. They are lovely though. I should green up my indoors a bit with some.

  33. I love house plants! I have them all over the house. I also know how to kill a few, but most of them do survive!! 🙂 Thanks for hosting! I have included my Loaded Baked Potato Rounds.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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  35. I moved to AZ 3 years ago and have had to relearn gardening. I am gradually replacing all my outdoor planters with succulents because of their easy care. Amazing how many different varieties there are!

  36. Thank you for hosting!

    I love the look of succulents, but our house gets SO much sun in the summer that we’ve had the windows treated tor reflect sunlight. As a result, every succulent I’ve ever tried to grow has died in the winter despite my best efforts. I’ll just have to admire yours instead!

  37. I love succulents, too! I have two big pots of them outside all year long. I never do a THING to them. 😉 My kind of plants!

  38. Really you have great ideas and useful blog

  39. Beautiful. beautify site!

  40. Love the decorating ideas. I’ve always loved live plants but did not do nearly as well.
    Thanks for hosting!

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  42. Gorgeous photography Cheryl! Thanks for hosting. Happy weekend! xo

  43. Super late to the party, but thanks a million for hosting… and your succulents are lovely! xo

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  45. OMG, I am a huge lover of succulents. I have a regular garden outside but have been getting more and more into having succulents inside around the house. One of my favorite new succulents is string of peals, it’s an actual succulent vine that looks like it has little green peas strung along on it. It’s just beautiful, but poisonous to animals so I have to keep it up high where my cat can’t get to it.

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  47. Succulents are so pretty in antique silver!

  48. i love succulents, cheryl!!!

    i used to actually hate them, but i’ve grown to absolutely love them!
    beautiful post to look through!!!


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