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Countdown to Clean Series: Weekly Routines


Part two in a four part series in how to clean your house and keep it clean.  Part two covers weekly cleaning routines.  Using this method, you’ll get your house clean without back-breaking effort.  Remember, the more often you clean, the less build up you’ll have.  So the first few times, may take you a little longer, but eventually you be able to run thru this weekly list in no time.

Countdown to Clean.  Weekly Cleaning Tips at TidyMom.net  Using this method, you'll get your house clean without back-breaking effort.  Remember, the more often you clean, the less build up you'll have.

Part two in a four part series in how to clean your house and keep it clean.

Last week, in part one of Countdown to Clean we covered what you can do daily to keep your house from getting out of control.  Today we will cover what you can do weekly.

Weekly Cleaning {2-3 hours}

*note: Clean top to bottom and left to right, and only go around a room once (not including floors).

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms: If you have a two-story home, start upstairs.  First, go through each room and empty trash. Then go back into the first room and start at the top, removing any cobwebs and dust working your way down.  Be sure to dust ceiling fans, door frames, moldings, picture frames and lamps.  Remove knicknacks from furniture and dust with a  microfiber cloth to clean dressers and tables. Clean mirrors with the glass cleaner and a fresh cloth. When you’ve finished all the rooms on a floor, vacuum, starting farthest from the door in each room and vacuuming your way out. Try sprinkling carpet with baking soda to freshen and deodorize carpets naturally.

Kitchen: Again, starting from the top, wipe cabinet fronts and appliances working your way down. Empty the toaster’s crumb tray and clean inside the microwave. Unlike your daily counter wipe, now is the time to move all counter dwellers and give the entire counter a good cleaning.  Clean the kitchen sink next, if you have a stainless steel sink, I like to use Barkeeper’s Friend or clean  it with bleach: Run a sink full of hot tap water. When it’s about halfway full, carefully pour in one cup  of bleach.  Let the bleach water sit at least until the water cools while you sweep the floors, or longer. Wearing dish gloves reach in and remove  plug removal and let water drain. Fill the sink with clean water and drain it again to rinse away bleach residue before using any further cleaners. Lastly, then sweep and mop the floor. 

Bathrooms:  First, spray cleanser on the shower doors and walls, tub and sink, and in the toilet to start loosening dirt. Then use the same top-to-bottom, left-to-right system. Like the kitchen, remove all counter clutter to wipe down counter .  Clean the toilet inside, outside and behind the bowl. Vacuum, then mop. 

If you’re like most people,  you put things off because it’s just too overwhelming. Using this method, you’ll get your house clean without back-breaking effort. The results will be amazing.   Remember, the more often you clean, the less build up you’ll have.  So the first few times, may take you a little longer, but eventually you be able to run thru this weekly list in no time.

Next week, for part 3, I’ll share my monthly cleaning routine where we’ll go a little deeper.

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I’d love to hear what routines and tips work for you!

Disclaimer: Countdown to Clean with TidyMom series is sponsored by GreatCleaners.com. All views and opinions are my own.

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  1. Such great tips – I used to be so good about following a cleaning routine. Need to get back to that!

    • Me too Kristen. I used to clean the house religiously every Thursday and grocery shop for the week every Friday. I used to get chided for having such a schedule that I rarely broke. Over the past few years, I’ve fallen away from that schedule and my life seems a lot more chaotic and out of control. I really need to get back to that schedule and save my sanity 🙂

    • Me three. I had a good routine for a while, then I just fell under the “cleaning” wagon. I am working my way back to my routine because there is way too much paper clutter waiting for a fire.

  2. great tips. I need a routine too!

  3. I do a load or two of laundry per day and wash kids clothes together, my husband and I together and towels together. That way, I don’t waste time sorting the clothes when folding in front of my favorite TV show !!

  4. This is exactly what I need to do. I tend to clean more sporadically – one room here, another room there. I like your routine much better b/c it would be great to knock it all out at once.

  5. Excuse me while I go get a notebook~
    or maybe I should just print this post! 😉
    Love this series!

  6. Very good tips! 🙂 Yes, it’s always nice to keep the house clean. I couldn’t stand messes in the house….well, guess I have a higher tolerance after having 2 kids! LOL But still, I love to clean and tidy things up whenever possible. 🙂

  7. Cleaning the house has to be one of my least favorite things to do and yet I love for things to be clean. lol I clearly need to apply these tips to get the job done fast!

  8. I really do need to get into a regular routine of cleaning so I don’t get overwhelmed – great tips!

  9. I am so looking forward to copying all of these on a list for my fridge when you’re done!


  10. I want to be you when I grow up. That is all.

  11. Thanks for all the great cleaning tips and, in my case, reminders! There is nothing like a clean and organized home!

  12. These are great tips, Cheryl!

  13. Loving this series! I’ve printed the daily and weekly tips out on card stock (2 copies), so I can keep a copy of each posted downstairs in my kitchen message area and upstairs in my office. It’s great to have the tips right there when I need them!

  14. Loving this… I am NOT a housekeeper and always feel guilty about it. I think I may put this info in a spreadsheet for my partner and myself so we each have duties and a clean house. Mom arrives today, so I’ll need to do a deep clean 🙁

  15. what do u use to clean kitchen cabinets ? on a daily basis or a weekly basis. I do a lot of cooking on stovetop . mine is a new custom cabinet. thanks

  16. Great tip! Thanks for sharing. I’ve figured that having the handy little Dyson vacuum cleaner on a daily basis can really help keep things hair and dust free as far as possible and reduce weekly cleaning efforts! 

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