DIY Pet Food Canister & Pedigree Dog Food


Knock-off Ballard Dog Food Tin

Pet Food Canister

One of the best ways to store your pet’s food is not in the floppy bag, but rather in more sturdy plastic containers or large tin.

You know those popcorn tins you get at Christmas that seem like they will last forever……well, when forever is over you can wash them out, paint them and decorate with some vinyl and fill with your dog or cat food!

dog food tin makeover

I found a Christmas tin at a garage sale for 50¢, picked up a can of yellow spray paint, cut some fun vinyl with my Silhouette Craft cutter, hot glued cute ribbon around the lid and in no time I had a cute storage container for Cullen’s favorite Pedigree Dog Food, all for only a few dollars.

ballard dog foodA lot cheaper than the $50 Ballard Designs wants.

I LOVE the way my  designer pet food canister turned out!………and Ballard Designs doesn’t offer yellow! {wink}

pet food canister

Because I know I will get asked……

DOG – font; Cambria, size 300

food – font; Edwardian Script ITC, size 275

Paw Print – I purchased in the Silhouette Library store for 99¢, size 4 inches

Silhouette Craft cutter on Amazon

Improvements Made in Pedigree Dog Food

pedigree dog foodPedigree dog food has recently been improved to meet and exceed the four universal needs of dogs; Skin & Coat, Oral Care, Digestion and Immunity.

  • It keeps their skin and coat healthy.
  • Promotes healthy oral care, by reducing tartar (clean chompers!)
  • Provides Healthy Digestion (super poop!)
  • Enhanced levels of antioxidants—like vitamins E and C—to help keep your dog strong

You better believe we plan to continue feeding our dogs Pedigree Dog food and treats for years to come!  If you have a special furball in your life, if you haven’t already, I would recommend you gradually make the switch to Pedigree dog food.

You Can Help

Every time you buy PEDIGREE® Food For Dogs, Pedigree will make a donation to The PEDIGREE Foundation.* So you’re not just doing something good for your own dog, you’re also helping deserving dogs in shelters around the country. Be sure to get your coupons and save a few dollars!



Peanutbutter and Bacon Homemade Dog treatsMake your favorite furball Homemade Peanut Butter and Bacon Dog Treats


I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Pedigree and received dog food to facilitate my reviews and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.  All opinions and love of Pedigree are my own.

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  1. I love that tin, Cheryl! I think I need a kitty version! (and you know I LOVE the yellow!)

  2. Love the tin and that food scoop is just to cute!

  3. Sorry, looks like a dropped an *O* in my earlier comment. I’m assuming that the dogs were in another room when you shot these pics LOL

  4. Love this, thanks for the great idea!

  5. I’m on the hunt for a tin as we speak, going to make a Kitty version for my new kitten Hank! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Such a great idea! I need to pull my Silhouette out of the garage and make one of these for the pups!

  7. I kid you not I was JUST thinking about this. We’re babysitting my brother in law’s dog and her giant bags of dog food are so ugly. I thought to myself “how nice it would be if we had a stylish container to put her food in!” If I had my own dog I’d definitely do this.

  8. ADORE! I LOVE CRAFTS almost as much as I love cookies, and I love Ballard stuff at non Ballard prices even more!

  9. Oh I absolutely love this! Such a great idea!!!

  10. OK that is the cutest thing ever (and so much cuter than the Christmas tin!)

  11. i LOVE this idea!!! brilliant. i always wonder what people so with those tins!! 😉

  12. Such a genius idea!! We always have those tins left over from Christmas and I LOVE them, but never know what to use them for.

  13. I always HATE to throw those cans away, but I can never think of a great idea like this one. I can’t wait til Christmas, cause you’re right-I always get one!

    • I was like you and wasn’t sure either what people did with those cans. A co-worker gave me the idea of using them as trashcans during the Christmas season.. Just a little idea I thought I would share!!

  14. This is awesome!!!!!! Now I gotta wait for Christmas to get me a tin can– I am definitely going to save it to make this for my dogs food. 🙂 Or maybe get lucky to find some tins too. 🙂 LOVE IT.

  15. I LOVE THIS! I actually got a plastic dog food storage bin at a yard sale dirt cheap but this is even better! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Too stinken cute! Now I know what to do with all those xmas tins. Thanks for the idea:)

  17. Thanks so much for this! It is soooo cute!

  18. This is so cute! Way better than the Ballard version! I love that color yellow! I’m going to feature this on my blog next week for my Friday features. If you want you can grab a button. Thanks for hosting another party!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  19. What an awesome idea for repurposing. We usually have one of those huge popcorn tins left after Christmas. I never know what to do with them so I toss them out. Now I wish I had one.

  20. I love how bright and cheerful yours turned out! Love the price tag too! I think I will do this for our cat food. So much cuter than the bag and will stop or cat from ripping into it too.

  21. Cute idea and I love the repurposing theme of your project. I’m also thinking you could use those plastic 5 gallon buckets too for the pet food. Thanks for the great idea and I’m going to have to try this project out soon.

  22. super great fantabulous idea!!!

  23. I recently did this to a tin can for bird seed. Did you clear seal it with anything?…I’m noticing mine is starting to chip?

  24. This is such a great idea! I’m definitely going to have to make one of those for my mom’s yellow lab… she’ll love it!

  25. Fabulous idea!! Love it!

  26. I love this idea! currently my bags are in an ugly plastic bin.

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  28. You know, I’m feeling like a bit of a dummy… I’ve been scouring thrift stores for the perfect bin to do what you did… until I read this post just now, I had forgotten I have a cupboard full of these popcorn tins, that I had forgotten about because I didn’t know what to do with them! Well, now I know! I even have a can of yellow spray paint (perfect for my kitchen) waiting for this project that I now can’t wait to do! Thanks!!
    Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can

  29. Found you via Pinterest–very cute idea!! Just wondering, how much dog food can you fit in your can?

  30. found you on Pinterest and love this idea. I don’t have a dog or cat, but was just given a bunch of these tins. I think I’ll use chalkboard paint and use one to store puppy chow in. And make a few for my brothers who have dogs.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  31. I absolutely love this idea! I started on mine already but was wondering where you got the lettering. I cannot find it anywhere. Also, I was wondering what size ribbon you used. Thanks for your help :o)

  32. Love this idea but I don’t have sillohette 🙁

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  34. Not only is it cheaper than Ballard’s it is prettier too! You did a great job! I would love if you linked it up to my party going on!

  35. I love this idea! So much nicer than seeing your bag of dog food sitting on the floor!

  36. I made something like this last year for bird seed outside…The tin is covered from the elements (under a patio) but still does getblowing snow and rain on it. It has held up well. I painted mine black and then google imaged a bird silhouette. I traced and painted the bird on the lid and wrote bird seed on the side with a white paint marker. This gives the kids and I something to pass the time while we are waiting for the school bus in the am.

  37. How did you place lettering on the tin?

  38. I saw the tins on a website, but wasn’t about to spend all that money. Then I was hunting around & saw your version & thought that’s a great idea for a fraction of the price. Thanks for the pics of it too, really helpful. Just got my 2 tins thru eBay yesterday for $5.00 each. Picked up all of the stuff to get the job done, just waiting for a nice warmer day to do it. By the way, where did you get the dog food scoop? I’d like to get this as well. Thanks.

    • O.k, thanks so much for letting me know. I’ll have to look around for one like it then, since I don’t use that food. I’m so excited, can’t wait to see the way they turn out, woohoo!!

  39. How tall was the popcorn tin you used? I’m just trying to figure out what size I need to get the capacity I want. Ebay sellers only seem to list heights. haha

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  42. This is absolutely darling! Did you have to prime it first? How is it holding up with the spray paint? Thanks so much for sharing such a fun and cost effective storage idea!

  43. Alas, another project I pinned for when I get that Sillhouette. If those kids would quit growing and need new clothes and shoes I could complete it. 🙂 For now, I shared the idea

  44. I love this idea! I think I have 3 tins in my garage! However, I have the same question as Jessica, #47. Did you use a primer first?

  45. I just love this idea and I tried this on a smaller scale but where the top of the canister slide into place over the bottom, the paint chipped. Did you have any trouble with this? Do you have any suggestions on paint to use or how you avoided this?

  46. I love this idea! I sell uppercase living, which is vinyl & I am going to try this out! Design ur own with I hate seeing my dog food bags & this gave me some great inspiration!

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  48. OMG, I am so doing this! Thanks for sharing!

  49. I’ve used an old popcorn tin for years as a wastebasket by my computer desk. It has a halloween design on it but think I’ll paint it to go with the room colors now after seeing how nice this looks. thanks for the idea! I’m always amazed at how many creative people there are in the world, and how nice it is to be able to share now with Pinterest.

  50. I wish you would make these to sale! I don’t have the items to make one 🙁

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