Best Face Photo from February 2011


This week, at I Heart Faces, the challenge is to find our “ Best Face Photo from February 2011”.

I haven’t been very good about picking up my camera as much the last month or two.  But when when this little guy was over visiting our house one day a few weeks ago, I snatched my camera right up!!

This is the face behind last week’s little hands in the paint.

Best Face Photo February 2011

see larger on flickr

I was excited to see how beautiful his big brown eyes turned out!

When I upgraded my computer a few months ago, I traded out PSE for PhotoShop CS5.  I’m still a little very intimidated by it, but thanks to an awesome friend, I’m slowly learning my way around.

Click on the camera to see more favorite faces of February 2011.  (the entries open up late Sunday evening)

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  1. Wow!! His eyes are intense! 🙂 Beautiful! I’m planning to make the big upgrade to CS5 when I get a new computer as well. I played around with the 30 Day Free Trial and was quite impressed.

  2. You are my hero today! I also have PS5 and am over the top intimidated and confused with it!! I copied the link to Everyday Elements, and will see if it will help me figure some things out so I use my new program instead of just going to Picnik!

  3. wow….look at his EYES! Great picture!

  4. Can’t you just see the man in the boy? I bet he’s precocious!

  5. Oh goodness, he’s darling! And those eyes – beautiful! 😉

  6. Those eyes are killer! So sweet. What a doll! I am glad you have a friend helping you learn. It can definitely be overwhelming!

  7. I’m going to play devil’s advocate– I think he’s been sharpened to death. The eyes are so sharp that they look over-the-top edited. That’s the first thing I look at and notice when looking at the picture. I don’t see a cute little boy anymore, but I do get the eerie feeling a vampire is lurking beneath the surface.

    Other than that, I think you did a great editing job, and I like the picture composition overall. Just my 2 cents.

    • sorry you feel that way Tara…..I don’t think they are and I didn’t do much sharpening to this picture other than an over all very low opacity highpass filter on the whole picture.

      I can’t use CS5 that well yet to work any actions on the eyes….the only real editing I did was the the color.

      My 35mm lens just did a great job and I had some great catchlights from the window behind me.

  8. Love this shot, can’t help but smile when you see it!

    (I’m also intimidated by photoshop! I usually just crop and adjust lighting, I really need to learn it!)

  9. GORGEOUS!! simply gorgeous!!

  10. His eyes are beautiful! Like my guru always said, just get in there (Photoshop) and play. It’s the best way to learn. Good luck!

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