Blue and white snowflake butter cookies are the perfect welcome to the winter holidays decorated with royal icing.

The holidays are HERE!! A time when adults can stop being so serious, and indulge in childlike wonder and enjoyment of the world. That also means a time of unadulterated TREATS!

I was so excited when my good friend Amanda asked if I could make some cookie treats to cheer up another friend.  She decided on snowflakes!

I was thrilled to try out my new copper snowflake cookie cutter I got while visiting the Culinary Institute last month and I knew I would have no trouble decorating since Bridget gives such fabulous step-by-step instructions on how to decorate a snowflake cookies with Royal Icing.  The one thing I did differently than Bridget……I used a #3 tip.  I find that I can control the outlines and design much easier with the #3 since it’s a little larger than the #2.


Snowflake Cookies

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Amanda thought blue and white would be a nice touch rather than the traditional all-white snowflake, and I just love how the color combination turned out!  I used pearl dust instead of sanding sugar, and I wasn’t thrilled with it… hardly shows up.  So when I do snowflakes again, I’ll use sanding sugar for sure, because Bridget says too! haha

Almond Butter Cookie

Royal Icing

Royal Icing

should cover 2-3 dozen 3.5 inch cookies in 2 colors


  • 4 TBSP meringue powder
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 pound powdered sugar (SIFTED)
  • 1 teaspoon. light corn syrup
  • few drops clear extract (optional) I usually add a little vanilla & a little almond


  1. Beat all ingredients until icing forms peaks (7-10 mins at low speed with a heavy-duty mixer, then 10-12 mins at high speed with a hand-held mixer)


helpful video on how to make royal icing I also like to use this 20 second rule for icing consistency for some of my cookies

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A few days after I made these cookies I found another use for the leftover Royal Icing!

I almost always have leftover icing, and I usually put it in an air-tight container and stick it in the fridge, and throw it out a week later because I don’t use it! lol  Sometimes I wonder why I bother……….until this past weekend.

Allison had a biology project to turn in.  She needed to make a 3D model of a plant cell.

We bought clay.

We sat and starred at the clay……….and at the book/picture……… the clay……….at the book.

Then Allison said, the teacher said we can use cake!


So we brainstormed, and we did a little online searching…………and we came up with THIS!

Plant Cell cake 3D project

We made a small cake and 12 cupcakes.

We used 3 cupcakes and chocolate frosting to make a giant cake ball, then covered it in white candy melts with a little purple food gel for the nucleus.

For the rest of the parts we used royal icing in several colors (dries hard so it worked great!), fondant , glitter icing, gummy worms,  sour patch straws and nonpareils.