You know Father’s Day is this weekend right? 

We’ve been so busy with our move, then I flew to Austin for BlogHer Food, thanks to Whirlpool, just a few days later , I haven’t had time to do any Father’s Day shopping.

Thankfully, Hewlet Packard has come up with a solution! Combining a greeting card and a gift card in one,  with the launch of TwoSmiles,com.   

In under two minutes, I was able to print a free Father’s Day greeting card, and purchase a gift card to Lowe’s for his gift.

Print a greeting card with a gift card right at home has greeting cards for every occasion, with hundreds of artist-created greeting card designs, and dozens of merchants to purchase gift cards from, such as Starbucks, Lowes, Sears and Barnes & Nobel.  Making a personalized greeting card and gift a breeze.  The cost of each TwoSmiles card is determined by the face value of the gift card, starting at $25.

You can also purchase the TwoSmiles Card Kit, that contains pre-cut cards and envelopes for 10 cards for just $9.99 to make your perfect gift right at home.

how to make twosmiles


 Printable cards are perfect for last-minute, easy gift ideas and now TwoSmiles by hp has made them even better!

What you you getting the Dads in your life for Father’s Day?

Disclaimer:  I have a working relationship with HP, and was provided everything I needed to make a TwoSmiles gift card.  I think this is a really awesome idea and was happy to share it..  As always,  all thoughts and opinions belong to me!