Anytime we have family over or a party, we always focus on the food. I don’t usually do anything special for drinks.  So last month when we had Allison’s graduation party (will share all details soon) we decided an Italian Soda Bar would be fun!

I thought the little kids and graduates would enjoy the fruity alternative to the traditional party beverages, but as it turned out, it was an instant hit with young and old! If you are looking for a fun way to serve drinks for your next party or get-together, try having an Italian Soda Bar. It’s so easy to create this big impact idea!

Make Italian Sodas at your next party with an Italian Soda Bar! details at

HOW TO | For a complete Italian Soda Bar you will need:

  • ice cubes
  • a variety of flavored syrups (we used Torani) *fruity flavors are best
  • carbonated water (club soda, sparkling water)
  • whipped cream
  • 24 ounce cups
  • fun straws
  • pumps or shot glasses

The fun part……it’s all self-serve!!  Set up a spot with all your supplies (our cooler of ice is out of the shot) and post directions so they know how to make their own Italian Soda and you’re all set!

Make Italian Sodas at your next party with a self serve Italian Soda Bar! details at

The recipe for Italian Soda is really easy 

Serve Italian Sodas at your next party with an Italian Soda Bar! details at

I purchased pumps for our bottles, but you can also use shot glasses (you can pick up a package of plastic shot glasses at the dollar store or party supply).  1 pump = 1 shot.

Fill your cup with ice, then add 3-4 pumps of flavoring.  You can mix flavors for even more fun  ie:  Tiger Blood (2 strawberry + 1 watermelon + 1 coconut)  Strawberry Lemon (2 strawberry + 2 lemon)  Cherry Cream Soda (2 cherry + 2 vanilla)  Peaches & Cream (2 peach + 2 vanilla)  Strawberries & Cream (2 strawberry + 2 vanilla)  Cherry Lime Ricky (3 black cherry + 1 lime)  Pineapple Razz ( 2 pineapple + 2 raspberry)  Cream Soda (3-4 pumps Vanilla) for just a few examples

Italian Sodas at home! details at

Then add carbonated (sparkling) water to fill the cup.

Self serve Italian Soda Bar! details at

Top with whip cream.

Italian Sodas recipe for a self serve Italian Soda Bar at your next party! details at

Add a straw……stir and enjoy!

Have Italian Sodas for a self serve Italian Soda Bar at your next party! details at

You can downlod and print the Italian Soda Bar Directions I made for our party, if you’d like.  It’s simple and prints out on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper – another cool idea would be to write the directions out on a giant chalkboard like Leigh Anne did for her daughter’s party.

You can pick up flavored syrups and pumps at a lot of places, I got a few at World Market and ordered some from  You can also find some at grocery stores, and even amazon.

Italian Soda variations, you can also add heavy cream, half and half or ice cream before the whipped cream for a creamosa Italian Soda!

Everyone will be talking about the Italian Soda Bar!!

I’ll post more grad party fun soon!!

What flavor would you make for an Italian Soda?