By using plastic tablecloths you can make your own outdoor patriotic flag wreath!

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Don’t you love it when you have an idea and the finished product turns out ever better than you had hopped?  That’s what happened when I made this patriotic flag wreath.

I had been surfing around pinterest one day, when I pinned an idea for an outdoor red white and blue garland using cut up plastic tablecloths.  I quickly pinned it and tried to tuck the idea in the back of my mind.  As we were packing up all of our belongings to move, I looked at my sad stash of wreaths for our front door and realized most of them had seen their better day, and realized I might want some new ones, for the new house.

No sooner than that though crossed my mind, so did the plastic tablecloth garland and I wondered if I couldn’t apply that same idea to a wreath for summer!!

All you need is pretty simple, a wire wreath form (craft supply store) and red, white and blue plastic tablecloths.  I picked mine up at Target, where the party supplies are.  Notice the cute red polka dot tablecloth – I thought it would be cute, but decided not to use it.  I wish they had blue polkadot, then I would have used that for the star section……..but I thought the red polka-dots for the strips would be odd, so I will save it for another project.

I also picked up some cute star tablecloth weights that I knew would be so easy to add to my wreath, and I also picked up a little star garland (I couldn’t find when I was taking this picture —-blame it on the move, I had such a mess all around me at the time ).

The garland I had pinned was attached to a light strand, so I found some battery power mini lights that I attached to the blue star section of the wreath, to make the “stars” light up. (you can’t really see them in my pictures, but it looks cool when it gets dark.

How to make a Patriotic Flag Wreath


  • Wire wreath form
  • 1 red, 1 white, 1 blue plastic tablecloth
  • star garnishments (ie: tablecloth weights or string garland)
  • battery powered lights
  • scissors

  Supplies to make Patriotic Wreath from Tablecloth

This wreath was super easy to make, just a little time consuming.  It’s a great project to get the kids to help with!

Start by cutting the table cloths.

  • open the tablecloth and keep it folded in half (by the short end) – cut a 6-inch piece across the top
  • it was folded in half, so you need to cut that fold
  • then fold the piece in half again, and cut that fold
  • continue to fold in half, and cut the fold until you end up with pieces about 1-1/2″ wide. (these do not need to be perfect)
  • I didn’t count how many I used, I just cut several, and cut again when we needed more.  Do this with all three colors (you’ll need the least amount of blue)

How to Make a Tablecloth Patriotic Wreath at

Tie the strips on to wreath form

  • the plastic strips will really stick together, so I found it to be easier if I separated them before I started the next step (this is a great task for kids!)
  • Then you simply tie the strips onto the wreath form
  • for the “Blue Star” section I tied 3 blue then 1 white, 3 blue one white to 2 sections of 3 rings of the wreath (I did not use the outer ring)
  • Next I tied red strips to the rest of the inner ring, then white to the next ring and another row of red to the 3rd ring (again, I did not use the outer ring)

Tie strips on

All of the cutting and tying took a few hours, but my 16 year helped and that made a huge difference!!

Add Lights and Stars

After I tied all the strips I fluffed them up and added the lights  to the blue and white section.  I used a few longer strips of the tablecloths to tie the lights to the back of the wreath.  Then I attached the stars and I was done!!

How to Make a Tablecloth Patriotic Wreath

 I now have a fresh new summer wreath for my front door!

What do you put on your front door for the summer?


This summer inspiration is brought to you by Target. Find more fun and surprises all season long on Target’s #SummerUp Pinterest board.