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A garage is a great place to keep equipment, tools and cars, but it can quickly become overcrowded with bikes, lawn care tools and toys. Leaving everything on the floor wastes tons of available space. Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems help you take advantage of your space and organize your garage.

An organized garage using the Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems at

We moved to this house 9 months ago, after living 16 years with out a garage.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited we were to have a garage.  Needless to say, we were pretty clueless on how to organize the garage and of course on moving day, it’s where things were dumped, and the mess was starting to get a little out of hand.  

I wanted to get a system in place before it got out of hand.  So I was super excited when the wonderful people at Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems reached out and asked if we could work together on a garage storage system for our house.

unorganized garage with wasted space

There was one wire shelf in the back corner of the garage when we moved in, and we had two industrial free standing shelves that we brought with us… wasn’t enough.

An organized garage using the Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems at

I knew at this rate, it would soon become impossible to get the cars inside.  It was already at the point that only my car fit, Allison’s Jeep and Steve’s truck had to stay in the driveway.  What good is a two car garage if you can’t fit two cars in it?

An organized garage using the Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems at

Enter……Ray, with Monkey Bars in St. Louis.  He came over to our house back in December.  He took a look at our garage then and we sat in our kitchen and discussed what would work best for our family.  Monkey Bar Garage Systems are designed for efficiency.  Their patented hook and bar system allows you to store three times more items than any other storage system.

An organized garage using the Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems at

The integrated, adjustable & expandable system itself is able to effectively organize long- and short-term storage items by using the vertical space in garages.   You can organize, bikes, tools, folding chairs and many other items you store in your garage in less than 1/3 of the space of other systems!  Utilizing steel brackets, shelving and hooks, the system can take on a variety of sizes based on your needs.  

We have empty shelves yet to fill and the new wall cabinet is perfect for my husband to store chemicals he uses for work.

How it works

The bars, which slide into brackets that support the upper shelving, give place for the variety of hooks that can hold everything from bikes and golf bags to shovels, wheelbarrows and surf boards. Secured with a 3 x 3/8 inch screw in the centers of wall studs, the system is capable of holding up to 1,000 pounds every 4 feet! how fabulous is that?!  check out this video to see Monkey Bars in action.

An organized garage using the Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems at

Getting all of our tools out of the small trashcan, makes them much more accessible, and safer to get to. 

An organized garage using the Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems at

I’m totally in love with how organized the garage is now thanks to Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems! Garage storage and organization has never been this simple!

An organized garage using the Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems at

The calendar says tomorrow is the first day of spring!!  With spring comes a feeling to freshen up and get organized!  If you’re ready to get the garage organized the right way using all your space as efficient as possible, check out the Monkey Bar Garage Storage System by visiting 

From now until April 19, 2014 you can save 15% on all storage racks using the coupon code TIDYMOM

Monkey Bars and I want to give you a chance to get your garage organized!

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One lucky TidyMom reader will win a Garden Tool Rack (value $99.99)

The Garden Tool Rack is a great way to get your shovels and rakes off the floor and out of the corner of the garage. The adjustable bar and hooks layer rakes, shovels, and other garden tools. The Garden Tool Rack will allow you to store every yard tool you can think of. The 8 hooks you’ll receive with your wall mounted Monkey Bar can easily hold over 20 tools. This Garden Tool Rack installs in just 15 minutes and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

To enter the giveaway 

  1. leave a comment at the end of this post telling me what is your biggest obstacle when it comes to garage organization.
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Disclaimer:  I was provided a Monkey Bar Storage System in exchange for this giveaway post.  As always, all views and opinions are my own.

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  1. the biggest obstacle is everyone just leaving stuff willy-nilly in the garage.

  2. Once cleaned, keeping it clean.

  3. My biggest obstacle are the bigger items that need to be stored but won’t fit on the shelvings we have set up. Its mostly items I’m planning to revamp and they aren’t in progress yet.

  4. We want to keep so many of our older children’s favorite toys and books for future grand kids. We have tubs of American Girl dolls, Legos, puzzles, even my old Nancy Drews that they loved. Where to put it all?.

  5. Right now the biggest obstacle is just the sheer amount of stuff in the garage. I had to move things from a house that I was using as storage last year over to this house into the one bedroom and the garage. Needless to say, fitting a 3 bedroom house, living room, family room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, front and back porches and a 20×24 shop and 16 x 24 storage shed that were all full of stuff into 1 bedroom and a single car garage was a ‘whole lotta fun’. That’s after leaving about 7-8000 pounds of stuff at the house that was broken, garbage, old, no longer needed or not worth keeping to try and sell. Now, we’re going through the bedroom and the garage is next.

  6. tools, tools, and more tools. from gardening to general household tools they are everywhere. We need them handy, But cant seem to get them in a organized fashion. HELP ME!

  7. Too much stuff, barely room for the car. Stuff is just piled around.
    Thanks for the contest.

  8. My worst struggle is all the kid toys and sport equipment. My hubby is all about getting the kids involved in lots of sports so I’m pretty sure we have the equipment for 90% of team sports in miniature in our garage.

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  10. Tools always get piled in a corner.

  11. Racks, shovels and just keeping everything pick up.

  12. All my husband’s tools and projects! He can’t even park in the garage most of the time!!!

  13. My biggest obstacle is lack of shelving and storage cabinets!

  14. Stuff on the floor!! I hate stuff on the floor, need shelves and such to be able to keep things clean and neat.

  15. My biggest obstacle about organizing my garden tools is the fact that the kids (grown) and grandkids always manage to not find where they picked them up at.

  16. Our area in the garage is so cluttered with my garden tools and His Garden tools they are always falling everywhere so need organized bad ,so would love to Tidy this up . Love to read ways to organized but on a senior budget hard to do ,need to win this. Thanks, Sandra LaCross

  17. The storage set up in our garage worked for the previous owners–but not for us! The Garden Tool Rack would be a great beginning.

  18. Keeping items off the floor

  19. I don’t know what to do with the kids’ bikes!

  20. We have so many tools and various DIY things for different projects we’ve done. It would be nice to keep all of that organized.

  21. My biggest problem is where to put everything so its easy to get to and more importantly, easy to put away because if I have to move everything around to put something back in its proper place then chances are it will just go into a pile with the intention of organizing later.

  22. finding room for everything!

  23. Our biggest obstacle is that we went from a much larger home with tons of closet and cabinet space with a 3 car garage to a 1950’s house with small closets hardly any cabinets and a 1 car garage. There was a shortage of space as it was, but now there’s also a collector car in the garage so there’s even less space and I live with not just a handy guy who keeps a few tools but a carpenter who has and needs tons of tools for work. So no matter how organized we try to be there’s just too much stuff so it’s piled on top of each other and my little area of the garage cabinets that houses not so often used baking supplies is nearly impossible to get to so those supplies are used even less. So, my biggest obstacle? Not enough space for all our necessities!

  24. our biggest obstacle to getting the garage organized is lack of imagination, lol. I can’t imagine how to organize things in a manner that we will be able to form habits around 🙂

  25. The biggest obstacle for me right now is we still haven’t organized since moving into our new home. There are boxes upon boxes of things we need to organize, take to goodwill and trash. It’s such a daunting task.

  26. I need shelves and crates to help organize our stuff as well as the motivation to get rid of the things we no longer use or need.

  27. My problem is the sheer amount of junk that we need to store in it. My biggest obstacle is getting to the tools when I need them . We have a bunch of kids toys – cars, bikes, riding toys (3 kids under 5). Could use help organizing all of it!!

  28. Our biggest challenge is our garage is not a finished garage on the inside so we only have studs to work with – we never get a clean fresh look.

  29. Our biggest problem is space! It would be awesome to have all these organization products so we can utilize what little space we have by hanging on the walls etc!

  30. Items not getting put away immediately when they enter the garage. And having to store items for others!

  31. We have too much stuff! We have overhead hanging storage as well as shelving on the sides of our garage and still too much stuff to fit a vehicle inside! I need to let go and get rid of more in order for it to truly be clean.

  32. Our biggest obstacle is too few cabinets and closets on the inside of house, so we have to use garage for overflow. It is hard to keep it neat and organized!

  33. I would love to win this to get stuff off of my garage floor.

  34. Trying to keep things off the floor and making space for everything we need to store in the garage, like mower and trash cans.

  35. My biggist thing is keeping it clean and organized after I’ve cleaned and organized it.

  36. My biggest obstacle to organizing the garage is knowing where to start. Once I get ready to do it, I don’t know which products I need to organize things.

  37. I have no storage space in my place

  38. Biggest challenge: Getting stuff off the floor and onto the ceiling or walls.

  39. The biggest obstacle I have to garage organization is my HUSBAND. Now, I know garages are for cars to be parked in but we couldn’t even get the lawnmower in our garage. My husband keeps everything, and currently our garage is full of cardboard boxes that we ‘might need’ someday.

  40. Such an unorganized mess, Where do I start? We need specific labeled places for items to be stored and returned after use, but still look neat and tidy. We have things we use at only special occasions or seasonal I cannot find when I need them; but weeks after I find them. So frustrating! We also store our winter/summer clothes in the garage. We need storage for all the items we have purged from inside trying to get organized, out to the garage, but, we may need them again. In addition to all the lawn and garden tools. HELP!

  41. man, this looks amazing! Steve did a great job installing all of those bars. I know you must be thrilled!

  42. I struggle with clutter, kids clutter, garden clutter, tools…. you name it. 5 kids 2 adults accumulate a lot of stuff and the garage is the last place I clean! Steve did a great job installing your system. It looks fantastic!

  43. Nice answers in return of this issue with genuine arguments and explaining all
    regarding that.

  44. Space transformation is very good, fully using the blank space.

  45. Love the neat garage. I have WAY too much for just about any storage system to help. I do want to tell you your tools can last a lifetime if you clean the mud/dirt off of them before storing them. Just a tip. 🙂

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