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  Never have to worry about a dead cellphone, tablet or MP3 player again, with the PowerTrip and PowerStick+ Portable Chargers.  Read how you can WIN one yourself!

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I think most of us know the heartache of Dead Battery Syndrome.  My iphone has become such a lifeline and important part of my life keeping me connected to friends and family and allows me to work while I’m away from home.

So my biggest fear is having my phone die when I’m out and about.  When I travel, I have the biggest anxiety about seeing the dreaded 10% battery warning!  You can always carry a charger cord in your purse or car, but lets face it – if you are lucky enough to find an outlet while your out, you usually can’t sit by it while your phone charges for an hour or more.

So I’m a HUGE fanatic about keeping a car charger in my car and a portable charger in my purse!

Portable Branded Charges from Powerstick  TidyMom

I recently had the chance to try out the PowerTrip and PowerStick+, just in time for my recent trip to Austin for BlogHer Food for Whirlpool.

One of the really cool things about these chargers is than can be branded with your logo or favorite photo!

The PowerTrip Charger:

This  charger looks like a white plastic brick, and is about the size of a deck of cards and it’s the cream of the portable chargers crop!  This charger can be charged from three different sources: a wall outlet, a computer’s USB jack or ….and I love this one……. the sun.  That’s right! there is a solar panel on the back for topping off the charge.

Powertrip Portable Charger can be charged in the sun at TidyMom

The PowerTrip has a huge backup battery: 6,000 milliamps, enough to recharge an iPad once or a smartphone three times. This comes in REALLY handy if you have friends or family with you who are jealous when they find out you just charged your phone while riding a roller coaster and their phone is about to die 😉 

This charge also doubles as a flash drive, with four, eight or 16 gigabytes of storage!  Just a nice little added bonus.

Portable, customized Chargers from | more info at

The PowerTrip is super easy to use and has a handy little gauge on the side shows you how much charge remains in the gizmo.

It comes with three cords of its own — the traditional Apple 30-pin connector, mini-USB and micro-USB . Since I have the iPhone 5, I just use the cord that came with my phone.

The PowerTrip is a little pricier than most chargers, starting at $99 – but it does SO much more than most chargers and it’s WAY worth it, in my opinion! Buy the PowerTrip


If you’re not a fan of carrying around a larger more heavy charger, or want to keep the cost down, then the PowerStick+ is for you!!

Portable, customized Charges from | more info at

The PowerStick+ is the only portable power charger that features flash memory ranging in capacities from 4GB to 16GB. So, like the PowerTrip, you can take advantage of this technology to transfer images and files to the PowerStick+ charger.

You charge the PowerStick+ by simply popping it into your USB port and let it charge up. A fuel gauge lets you monitor its progress. Then connect the Powerstick+ to virtually any portable device – and it transfers the charge while allowing you to use that device even as it’s being charged. The PowerStick+ comes with three connectors: micro-USB, mini-USB and Apple 32-pin. For iPhone 5 users, the PowerStick+ represents an immediate charging solution. 

Buy The PowerStick+ (starting  at $69)

You will quickly realize you can’t leave home without one of these chargers and they make great gifts, especially branded with a logo or picture….. since everyone needs one and hardly anyone has them.  


With vacation time here, it’s the perfect time to make sure you have a portable charger in your arsenal!  The good people at would like to give one lucky TidyMom reader a PowerTrip Charger with 4GB of flash memory branded with your favorite photo or logo!! That’s a $109 value and will be worth it’s weight in gold!!


To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me why you would love to have a portable charger and what picture would you have put on yours, then simply complete the steps in the giveaway widget below:

If you don’t see the widget, be patient because it might take a minute to load (especially with Internet Explorer 9).  Or you can click here to for the entry form  if you have any questions, you can contact me via email


PowerTrip Portable Charger

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Disclaimer:  I this post and giveaway are sponsored by  I was given a PowerTrip and PowerStick for my post, all opinions and views are my own.

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  1. I would LOVE to win this – when we went to Disneyland my phone would not stay charged for that LONG day and I missed out on some adorable pictures!

  2. Ah! My husband needs this so much! His phone is always dead, and with a baby on the way, keeping it charged up is more important than ever!

  3. Would love to have this when going camping. :O)

  4. I would love this because iI would never have to worry about having a dead iphone or iPad again. I would have a picture of my cute pup on it. 🙂

  5. i need one for my daughter she’s always loosing power and im sure she or i would put a hello kitty sticker or her name on it

  6. I just entered to win the $ 250 home depot card.

  7. I don’t have access to charge my phone at work, this would be perfect! I would probably put a picture of my kids on it!

  8. I work twelve or fourteen hour days a few times a week, and my phone always dies because I’m too busy to remember to charge it, so this would be super handy. If I were feeling generous, I’d give it my guy, since he sails in the summertime, and doesn’t ahve a good place to plug in devices on the raceboat. Either way, it has a picture of this ridiculous little white dog who’s at my feet right now.

  9. I love this! Would definitely use it a lot since I’m always out on photo shoots! Would probably put a picture of my boyfriend and I on it since we finally got pictures dome after 6 years of being together!

  10. This would be great for camping or long road trips. I would put a picture of my cat or an elegant monogram.

  11. I would love this because my phone always seems to be dying and, since my son lost his charger and uses mine, too, I can never seem to find it when I need it! I would still put a picture of him and his brother on the charger, though :).

  12. This…this is a great giveaway

  13. This awesome !!!! I need one so bad!!! 🙂

  14. I am always looking for deals on my phone and it can drain my battery fast. I would love this to help ensure savings 🙂

  15. We’re on the go a lot and I always forget to charge my electronics. I’d probably have a little picture of our chickens – I have the perfect one in mind

  16. purple butterfly

  17. This is fantastic! I am always on the go and I hate when my phone is about to die and plug is nowhere in sight. Plus, we camp way out in the woods a lot and I like to take some pictures with my phone and some with my camera. If my phone dies, I’m out of luck there. I would put a picture of my husband and I on our favorite beach.

  18. I would love this because my son loves to play games on my iPhone when we are out or riding in the car and then hands it back to me with 20% or less. This would be perfect as I could just plug it in and put it in my purse for it to charge while in the store, or church, or at the pool. What an awesome product!

  19. Oh, and I’d put a picture of my kids for sure!

  20. I need this for all out days all the pool and on vacation. I’d def put a picture of my daughter on Oct. She is the reason its always dying. Lol (;

  21. That’s a cheap inexpensive way to charge your phone on the go. I really like the idea especially if you’re out on a trip where you want to be able to use your phone or tablet but won’t have ready power available. By the way, the solar charge is what really sells me on this one! Awesome product.

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