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Fall Cleaning | Entryway & Front Porch


We recently had a taste of fall with day time temps in the 70’s……..ahh, I love fall!!  Although, Mother Nature is reminding us that it’s still summer with heat index over 100 this week. 

But, that familiar chill in the late night air reminds me that Fall is almost here!!  Soon the house will be covered in throw blankets, pumpkins on the porch and Autumn colors on the front door.

Get your front porch and entryway clean and ready for a warm and inviting fall entrance at TidyMom.netBHG

Cool crisp Autumn days are perfect for conquering deep-cleaning chores for a clean and comfortable winter home, and wrap up summer’s outdoor areas. 

This post is part of a partnership I have with Clorox, and aligns with something I fully support!  I wanted to tell you how Clorox has formulated household cleaners that are being nicer to the environment, called  Green Works®. I know that it’s hip to be green right now, and I think it’s really cool that Clorox is doing this.  They know that moms, like us, are looking for ways to live a more natural lifestyle — and Clorox made it their mission to help us achieve this goal.  I would love to see more brands follow suit! wouldn’t you?

The front porch and entryway is the place where your home makes a first impression and summer can put it’s toll here.  Let’s get this important asset to your home shinned up and ready for fall!  The Green Works® products clean powerfully without harsh chemical fumes or residue……..lets get started!

 clean and welcoming foyer entrywayPottery Barn

Get the Entryway & Porch Ready for Fall


Clean sweep

  • Remove everything from porch and entryway that you can, so the floors are clean. Shake out rugs and welcome mats outside to remove dirt and dust; then hang in the fresh air.
  • Outside; use a broom to sweep  every windowsill, door-frame, step(s) and outside walls (be sure to look up to remove cobwebs)
  • Inside; Run a duster over the tops of doors, windows and fixtures and sweep or vacuum floor and baseboards.

Beautiful Foyer at KevinandAmanda.com

Beautiful Foyer at KevinandAmanda.com

Squeaky clean.

  • Clean windows, inside and out. Try Clorox Green Works glass & surface cleaner.  It cuts through tough dirt and filmy residue for a streak-free shine.
  • Remove the window screens and give them a good washing, too. Hose them off in the yard or wash them in the bathtub with a little Clorox Green Works Dishwashing liquid a few drops with water and a brush will cut thru the grease and grime summer left behind.
  • Mop the floors, getting right into the corners. If you have hard wood floors, now is a good time to wax for maximum sparkle.
  • Wipe down the door,Clean the front door with a good general purpose cleaner such as Clorox Green Works® .  Use a metal polishing cloth to shine the metal hinges and doorknob.  *Keep the door and knobs clean with Clorox Green Works Wipes on the knobs/handles.  These wipes pack some serious cleaning power and are made with naturally derived ingredients, such as citric acid and wood fibers. That means they won’t leave behind harsh chemical residue — and you can throw them in the green bin when you’re done! Safe for most non-wood surfaces, including acrylic, fiberglass and vinyl.  If your door has brass fixtures, use the homemade or commercial brass cleaner.
  • Wipe dirt and debris off tables and chairs, and spray and wipe down everything with water ,  and winterize patio furniture that needs it.
  • Scrub patio cushions. Cushions can become a breeding ground for gunk of all sorts. Wipe off all your outdoor cushions with a soapy sponge and water (try a few drops of Clorox Green Works Dishwashing liquid in warm water) , and scrub off anything that needs to be removed. Let it dry completely for a few days to make sure there’s no moisture left.  If you find mildew on your cushions, leave them in the sunlight (the sun is a natural mold inhibitor). When the cushion is dry, scrub off loose spores with a dry sponge. If you encounter a particularly tough stain, rub a few drops of  Clorox Green Works bleach on it and wash and rinse it away after a few minutes.
  • Wipe down tables and shelves with furniture polish and dust off picture frames and other decorative items.  This is a great time to exchange existing items with a fresh collection of fall décor. 

Add Fall Color to the Porch and Entryway

  •  ‘Fall-ify’ the front porch with pops of natural autumn colors. Colorful mums, gourds, pumpkins, pine cones and plants are the perfect fall greeting at the front door.

Fall Harvest Welcome Wheelbarrow


  • Say good-bye to your fading summer flowers and hello to fall with pops of green, red and yellow foliage!  Grab an old metal bucket and fill it up with a combination of fall color and pumpkins, corn, gourds, mums or any colorful fall filler!

Fall Harvest Porch at CentsationalGirl.com

Harvest Porch at Centsational Girl

  • Bring the outdoors in.  Natural elements add a sense of calm and peace to any home

Bring the out doors in this fall. Decorate with fall leaves.


  • Add a fall wreath to your front door

Fall Front Door at Thistlewood Farm

Fall Front Door at Thistlewood Farms


Are you getting ready for Fall?

Hundreds of ideas for Fall! Recipes, crafts, decor and more at TidyMom.netFall recipes, crafts, decor, wreaths, printables and more!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Green Works®. You don’t have to compromise on clean to be green.

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  1. Our entry needs major cleaning- both inside and out. I love all this pretty inspiration Cheryl! And I’ll definitely be checking out Clorox Green Works.

  2. I just gave our house a deep cleaning this weekend and it feels so great!! We just moved in a couple months ago and I still have a lot of decorating to do, but just having the house super clean is great!

  3. love this post! i have already been in the mood for Fall, but I need to clean & organize before I can even get to the decorating part! Love all your tips!

  4. I love fall and can’t wait for it to get here! I’m more than ready to decorate!

  5. That was on my list for today! I made a new wreath and now I just need to get my porch all cleaned off. Thanks for the tips!!


  6. Your porch looks amazing!!! I have never paid much attention to my front porch, I should be more thoughtful about it!

  7. I love so many of the decorating ideas … I need a bigger porch! Thank you for all the ideas and tips for cleaning … you have inspired me 🙂

  8. I love all the great tips and all the beautiful photos. Its in the 90 ‘s this week. Not quite ready for those pumpkins yet, but i am so looking forward to the cooler weather. Cheryl, you mentioned waxing our hardwood floors. Could you recommend a good product for waxing? You know, I have lived here for 15 years and have never waxed my floors. They are kinda dull looking. Thanks Cheryl1

  9. These are such welcoming front porch ideas.

  10. I am DROOLING over this post. Not only do I love Autumn decor, but I love the clean up and purge that happens when the season changes. You just made my day. I know, I have a problem. 🙂

  11. An inspirational post to get things in order at my house Cheryl!

  12. Great fall cleaning tips and reminders! Love the beautiful homes, too!

  13. Oooh, I have been cleaning up my backyard. I guess I need to get to work on the front now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I always love the look of those geraniums and pumpkins up the steps but I can never get my entryway looking that nice!

  15. OMG, this posts makes me even more desperate for a larger, beautiful entry that I can actually decorate. Right now it is all kinds of full and waaaay too small. Two little girls, a husband with workboots and myself with a (minor) shoe shopping fetish, living in Northern Alberta in Canada, we can’t always decorate the way you guys in the States do. Winter is too harsh here. But, for all the reasons everyone has mentioned, I too love fall and I think this year I might even try to decorate before the snow falls. 🙂 That gives me four or five more weeks of (hopefully) no snow. Ahhh, keep inspiring me!!!

  16. I love your website. So many great ideas!

  17. Great post! I have the best intentions for my entryway for each season but I always drop the ball. This may be just the inspiration I need.

  18. What beautiful inspiration! I love seasonally decorated porches but rarely get around to putting much effort into it. These examples make me want to have a gorgeous, welcoming porch this fall!

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    Hope to see you there 🙂
    Parrish @ Life With The Crust Cut Off

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