13 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for Mom


13 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Still wondering what to get Mom for Mother’s Day?  Show her how much you appreciate all of her slaving in the kitchen, by spoiling her with a new kitchen gadget.

Who better to ask for kitchen ideas than food bloggers?

13 food bloggers share their favorite tools in the kitchen

Mother's Day Kitchen Gift ideas

1.  Blendtec High-Speed Blender –  I adore my high-speed blender , it makes the creamiest soups and smoothies.  I use it every day.  I put all sorts of vegetables into the blender and turn them into soup by adding vegetable stock or water.  It also makes silky smooth nut milks like my Chocolate Hazelnut Milk or my Honey Cinnamon Cashew Milk. ~ Sylvie, Gourmande in the Kitchen

2.  Egg Slicer – My egg slicer. Use all the time for strawberries, mushrooms, eggs! It’s awesome. ~ Sandy,  Reluctant Entertainer

3.  Kitchen Shears –  I wouldn’t want to do without kitchen shears. They are used daily by everyone in our family. From cutting pizza, raw chicken, herbs, opening up packaging, etc. … definitely a multi-purpose tool around here. ~Amy, She Wears Many Hats

4.  Citrus Juicer – We use lemon juice and lime juice a lot in our cooking, but I never feel like I’m getting all the juice out when I squeeze them by hand. My hands are somewhat small, and I always feel like they’re inadequate. I reach for the citrus juicer at least every other day to make sauces, add citrus to salad dressings, to make marinades, cocktails and more. ~ Shaina, Food for My Family

5.  Tongs – Perhaps one of the most useful kitchen tools ever, I refer to my chef’s tongs as my third hand because I reach for them so often during the day. I use my tongs to loosen boiling spaghetti, toss a salad, turn cubes of browning stew meat or kebobs and do virtually anything that is too hot or icky to do with my bare hands. ~ Aimee, Simple Bites

6.  Silpats – I don’t bake cookies without my Silpat baking mats. I love that you can use the baking mats over and over again, they help the cookies bake evenly, and clean up is a breeze! Perfect for baking Triple Chocolate Chunk Oreo Cookies.  ~ Maria, Two Peas and Their Pod


 Kitchen Gift ideas for Mom

7.  Pot Strainer – I am one of those people who uses about every pot and pan in the kitchen when I cook.  My mom always had pot strainers around when I was a kid because they were bank freebies.  These days they are much cuter and definitely better than washing a colander ~ Callye, Sweet Sugar Belle

8.  Le Creuset cast iron skillet – Right now I would have to say that my favorite kitchen item is my Le Creuset cast iron skillet. I use it all the time and for so many different dishes. It’s very versatile and I like the way cast iron has such an even heat distribution while cooking. I love cast iron skillets for making frittatas. ~ Katie, Good Life Eats 

9.  Bread Machine – Mine is my bread machine – I love making homemade bread, specifically using the dough cycle of my bread machine. I enjoy kneading dough but also love being able to just throw the ingredients into my ABM and let it do the work. There is nothing quite like fresh, homemade bread! ~ Kristen, Dine and Dish

10.  Good Quality Chef’s Knife – A good chef’s knife is probably the single most important and useful tool in a kitchen, the Henckels 8″ Chef knife has become my favorite kitchen tool! My only regret is that I waited so long to get one.  If you can only have one good knife, a chef’s knife is what you want. It can be used for slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing, disjointing large cuts of meat and even smashing garlic. Very handy to have when making something like Creamy Bacon Potato Soup. ~Cheryl, TidyMom

11.  Prep Taxi Food Scoop– This stainless steel scoop gets whatever I’ve chopped where it needs to go. From savory to sweet it’s my #1 go~to gadget.  I can’t imagine baking and cooking without it! ~Teresa, Blooming on Bainbridge

12.  Bench Scraper – One of my very favorite kitchen tools is my bench scraper!  Yes, it can be used to scrape dough off of the counter, or “bench,” but what I use it for regularly is to cut brownies, blondies, and goodies like Kahlua-Coffee Ice Cream Dream Cake.  I can’t live without it! ~ Bridget, Bake at 350

13.  Solid Spatula – I cant live without my solid spatula.  I am so tough on mine that they often fall apart or separate at the seem.  This bad boy never fails me, especially when I’m whipping up a batch of my favorite butter cream!

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to stock Mom’s kitchen (or your own) with a few key quality items that will prove themselves to be invaluable for cooking and will last the test of time.

I’d love to hear about your kitchen “favorites” or “must haves” in the comments


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  1. My favorite is also the one piece spatula. I was always disgusted by the 2 piece ones. What’s really hiding in there?

    Dave does most of the cooking here and I’d say he loves his Le Creuset french oven.

  2. WOW!
    First of all….how much do I LOVE those BIG FUN RED flowers!!!!
    Fabulous post Cheryl!
    I hardly have any of these GADGETS!
    Love the Blendtec!
    Would die to have that Bread Machine!
    Happy Mother’s Day to one of the FUNNEST mom’s I know!
    Alison and Heather are two lucky girls!

  3. what a great list of items…I’m a gadget girl and have lots of drawers full of fun items for the kitchen and I use them..even better 🙂 I hang my white coated metal strainer on a hook as I use it daily and I’m with Amanda on the spatula thing…LOVE my spatulas! Also tongs. I use tongs for everything.

  4. Silpat is on my wish list since long,..luved the lit

  5. These are all fabulous! Couldn’t agree more with this selection!

  6. Loved seeing what the other girls selected. Thanks for the round-up, Cheryl!

  7. Stop right there! This is a trap! NEVER EVER EVER give a woman kitchen gadgets, appliances, tools or whatever for Mother’s Day!!! You might as well buy her a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. You will pay dearly for it, until the next Hallmark Holiday comes around and you will be forced to buy her that $3000 piece of overpriced jewelry that she has secretly wanted.

    • HAHA Marty – personally, I’m not a jewelry girl, and would LOVE something new for my kitchen or a Dyson Vacuum cleaner! lol

    • Haha! But in all seriousness you just really have to know the person. I asked for a pizza stone for Mother’s Day and I’m considering asking for a bread machine for Christmas. I don’t wear much jewelry chasing a toddler around all day. I’d much rather have a gift I use, but that’s me.

  8. Fun post and great picks–I agree with nearly every single blogger!

  9. You make everything so fun! I don’t have all of these tools, so I’m going to check them out. Thanks for the linky love today and Happy Mother’s Day, Cheryl. You have 2 beautiful daughters, so much to be thankful for! 🙂

  10. I love kitchen gadgets so many thing to play with.

  11. Cheryl, I love my ice cream scoops in a couple different sizes for scooping cookie dough or muffin/cupcake batter. A uniform scoop everytime. Also, I couldn’t get by without my stick blender. It doesn’t take up hardly any room and it’s great for smoothies, soups, whipping cream and I used to make the kid’s baby food when they were young.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  12. I have 7 of the 13, or 8 if you count my cast iron skillet which I don’t use much in the kitchen, it’s not a pretty one, old camping style one. I love my egg slicer, I also use it for olives. I really, really want a Silpat or three. My favorite item is probably my tomato shark/strawberry huller.

    • Oh & my scoops for cookie dough, etc although I haven’t been able to find the perfect sized one yet.

  13. Of these items, I have about 5. Love that lemon juicer! I think I should forward this to my husband… 😉

  14. I would add that my second and third would be Amy and Bridget’s mentions… couldn’t live without those in my kitchen!

  15. Now, why have I never tried those pot strainers that Callye mentioned? Hmm…

    Oh, and ditto to #3 and #5. Use those all the time as well!

  16. So many great ideas!!! I love them all!

  17. What a fantastic list!!! I want everything on here!

  18. love my pampered chef garlic press and food chopper- use them daily!

  19. Fun post! I want to go shopping now:)

  20. What a great round-up of products!

  21. I can’t live without my rice cooker!

    Thanks for some great ideas for kitchen gadgets!

  22. I don’t know if I could cook another meal without 2 things: my tongs and my kitchen shears. I think I could go to war and win with those two things!

  23. I have/had all except the egg slicer. We’re not much for hard boiled eggs. I had a bread maker but didn’t use it so I gave it to Salvation Army. I’d rather do it myself with my hands.

    Great List. I can’t do without my K.A.F. (made in the USA) cookie sheets, muffin pan, & loaf pan! Great products!

  24. I love my bench scraper too…but I use mine to get smooth frosting on the sides of my cakes! Thanks for all the ideas! :0)

  25. I’m definitely a gadget gal. With so many it’s hard to choose a favorite but I do love my microplane and my corn stripper and Mandoline both from OXO. Great gadgets make cooking easy and effortless.

  26. Great kitchen gadgets. I am having some gadget envy right now. 🙂

  27. I second the Silpat!!! I never bake with out it!!

  28. Cheryl, I need those food scoops. I keep meaning to buy myself one!

  29. Great roundup, Cheryl! I must agree with Sylvie – the Blendtec is amazing!

  30. I can’t cook without my KitchenAid mixer. I use if ALL the time. I also love my tongs and kitchen shears. But, the most important item I think for anyone in the kitchen is a good chef’s knife. Great list. I’m going to be looking for a pot strainer!

  31. I absolutely love my mini food processor. I use it all the time to mince and chop onions and garlic. It also makes quick work of grinding nuts to use for my tart crusts. The Le Creuset Braiser is at the top of my wish list!

  32. I have 6 of those, and I would have to add a “whisk” to that list! It is the perfect tool for mixing so many things. I have 3, and use one nearly every day. Probably the thing I use a whisk for most, is mixing pancake/waffle batter. Works great!

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