Decorated Christmas Cookies


With all the holiday baking, I think my most favorite is decorating Christmas cookies.  and lets face it, Decorated Christmas Cookies are always the prettiest cookies on the tray and they make a fun gift as well!

I have a secret though……… I don’t really “enjoy” doing it, because I’m still learning and the perfectionist in me struggles with lines that aren’t straight enough, icing that is too thick/thin, too many colors to mix…..well you get the idea.

But 14 hours later…………I see happy faces!

No one cares that my lines aren’t perfect.  These Santa Belly Cookies were loved by everyone!

Santa Belly decorated christmas cookies at

No one cares that my icing isn’t perfectly smooth.  Decorated Christmas Tree Cookies are so simple and just as fun to decorate as a real tree!

Decorated Christmas Tree cookies

or that I didn’t feel like mixing ONE MORE COLOR, and made my snowflake cookies white and silver, because I already had those colors mixed.

How to make Decorated Christmas Cookies

Almond Butter Cookie Recipe

Royal Icing

Making Royal Icing Video


Rolling out Cookie Dough Video

Holiday Cookie Baking Tips


Cookie Baking Tips & Tricks at



I did learn two new things this time while working with my cookies!

#1) Glaze Icing:  When I cut out stars to make my Raspberry Filled Butter Cookies, I baked a few of the stars to try my hand at glaze icing.

Star cookies with glaze icingI have to say……….I LOVED working with the glaze! I didn’t have some of the issues I have with royal icing.

The glaze icing gets hard, but not rock hard like royal icing.  My family loved it and gave it a big THUMBS UP!

Diane’s Glaze Icing Recipe

Video on Glaze Icing at University of Cookie


Decorated cut-out cookies, tips, tricks and recipes at

more decorated cookies


Holiday Cookie Baking Tips at

Holiday Cookie Baking Tips


#2) Lesson in Photography: Pay attention to what you are wearing if you have shinny objects in your photos…..I’m just sayin…………


Have you learned anything while doing your holiday baking ?  Do you LIKE decorating cookies?

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  1. First of all, I am appalled that you even THINK about anything BUT decorating cookies…Not like it?! I’m calling Bridget and staging an intervention 😉 Second of all, I just startled Bernie LOLing at the robe thing! No wonder I like you…I do things like that all the time! AT LEAST you noticed, LOL!

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  6. I love those santa cookies! I made christmas trees in 3 different colors this year. I tried to keep it simple so that I wouldn’t get so stressed out and it still took me over 9 hours to make 50 cookies. I start off loving it and then by the end my wrist is cramping and I’m frustrated and I just want to get them done. But when I see those happy faces and everyone says how good they are I know it’s worth it. I just wish they realized how long it takes sometimes before they ask me to bring them only a day before the party haha!

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  8. Hello, I was just wondering, for the Santa bellies could you tell me the process you did? I tried googling how to do them or what to use and got nothing. Thank you.

    • nothing tricky, it’s done just how it looks. I covered the cookie in red royal icing. Let that dry, then used black royal icing to draw a belt and buttons, and grey for the buckle and a little white at the bottom.
      Have fun!

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  10. Just a note to let you know this post was featured on the At Play Blog today.

    We have over 1,400 recipes and craft projects
    I hope you’ll stop by


  11. Can you stack your cookies after decorating with your royal icing recipe? I have to take my Christmas cookies across the country this year and I need a good smudge-free icing recipe!

    Thank you!!

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