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2010 St. Louis Race for the Cure

I recently told you how this year was the 10th year that our family has participated in the St. Louis Race for the Cure, in memory of my sister-in-law. Today had a record breaking 71,000 people registered!! It’s an AMAZING place to be! Look how there are people in the streets of St. Louis for […]

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Get organized with Mead OrganizHer Collection

“Busy Busy Busy!!”That’s what a lot of women, especially moms, say if you ask “What have you been up to?” I am always looking for better and easier ways to get my home organized, keep track of ball games, practices, school events, vacation, Bridget coming to visit {squeal} and everything else life throws at us!Most […]

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I’m Lovin’ It! – Glorious Treats {blog}

Welcome to the Party!!***************** Today I’m SOOO excited to share what I’m loving this week! I first found Glory on Flickr. She makes incredible treats and shares many of her recipes! She has inspired some of my treats, and I have used her chocolate cream cheese frosting recipe {superb, I might add!}. Glory has taken […]

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Grilling Gear for Dads!

Is Dad the Grill Master at your house?I grew up with a Dad who loved to grill, and he grilled all year long. With Father’s Day quickly approaching I thought I’d share some great Grilling Gear For Dads! Stainless Steel Deluxe Hot Dog Roller Dad can barbecue hot dogs like the professionals with this stainless […]

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{Easy Peasy} Cheese Tortellini with meat sauce

If there is o n e thing I truly know, o n e thing you should always trust me on, it’s SIMPLICITY. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, when it comes to recipes and projects…. I. Like. Simple. So today folks, I bring you simple you can’t get much easier than this! […]

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I Heart Faces – “Play”

This week over at I Heart Faces, the theme is “play”. I just so happen to have the perfect photo! I had the pleasure of watching this little dude one day recently, when his mom was in a bind. His mom is one of Hollywood’s best friends………..they have been BFF’s since grade school. It’s hard […]

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I’m Lovin’ It! – Tumblr Blog {and Giveaway}

I'm Lovin' It TidyMom

Welcome to the Party!! I run across somre really great stuff in blogville every day. Some I share the links on twitter and on facebook. But what I really love is my Tumblr Blog aka “TidyMom Finds”!! It’s my “notebook” of sorts to keep track of all the awesome things I see around the web! […]

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Goodbye May….Hello June! {freebies, workshops & more}

Well, can you believe May is over and we are into June?! I’m still keeping up with my 365 project! I thought I’d share my May 2010 mosaic. (You can click the picture for the links to each picture if you’d like to see more details.) My 365 project is really helping my photography skills, […]

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WFMW- Make printer ink last longer

print help post

90% of the time when I print something – it’s a recipe, coupon or some sort of document. Being the frugal person I am….I try to stretch my printer ink as far as I can. So today I thought I’d share my little tip with you: When I print something unimportant (which is most of […]

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