Giant Photo Wall for Parties {really cheap}

Print your favorite photos on blueprint paper for a GIANT PHOTO WALL for your next party!  Large impact for little cost!

Learn how to create a GIANT PHOTO WALL...really cheap at GREAT for birthday parties, graduation, showers or any celebration!

I was going thru some photos the other day and realized I never shared the fun giant photo wall I made for Allison’s graduation party this summer.  It’s such a fun idea for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, showers……really any kind of celebration.

And the best part………it’s really cheap with a big impact!

Over a year ago Jen shared how she made a giant photo wall for her daughter’s baptism, by having photo’s printed on blueprint paper.  I knew it would be a really cool idea for the graduation party!

All you have to do is find a print shop that does large scale copies on blueprint paper.  They will be black and white and a little grainy, but they turn out really awesome!

At our old house I had purchased a digital file and called a local printer to print a 36″x48″ poster for me……for less than $5.  I emailed them the file and they had it ready an hour or so later.  I loved it and hung it over our sofa at our old house. 

tufted back gray sofa at

I knew Staples would print them, but we don’t have a Staples near us, so this time I called Office Depot.  I was in luck!! They can print engineering prints!! 2 days before the party I picked out a few images of Allison over the years, put them on a jump drive and took it to Office Depot.  The people there were awesome and made my copies while we went to dinner and did a little other shopping.   I got three 36″x24″ posters and two 18″x24″ all for under $15!!  The large prints were just under $3 each and the smaller size were about $2.50 each.

I hung them on the vaulted wall using double-sided tape, in our breakfast room/kitchen and it was a huge hit!  So much so, that a few of her friends had some made for their graduation parties!

createa GIANT PHOTO WALL...really cheap at GREAT for birthday parties, graduation, showers or any celebration!

When the party was over, I simply rolled them up.  I’m might get some more made of the rest of the family and do something fun with them in the basement.

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What kind of fun things have you done for a party?


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  1. Hello there! I just want to say that you have a beautiful blog, and l enjoy reading your posts. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and love your work! I just started up my blog recently and would love to invite you over and check it out! Have a fabulous week dear…


  2. Such a great impact for a party, love it!

  3. Awesome idea! I’ve been avoiding having some large photos printed because of the cost. I’d never thought of having them done this way.

  4. This is so cute, I love these ideas. I also love the italian soda bar, I may have to do that for our next party. At the same time, how sad is it that this makes me cry too…knowing one day my little babies will grow up and be graduating! I’m turning into emotional mommy mush. 😉

  5. Cheryl, I love this! My son graduates this year and I can just picture him walking in the house and seeing these huge photos of him all over! What size files did you start out with? I have to keep in mind, he was born in the days of film so some of the photos I’d like to use would be scanned 8×10 photos.

    • some of those young photos were photos that were scanned and used for her graduation slide show I made – so they weren’t super high res, but still turned out great!!…..Allison loved it and asked if we could just leave her shrine up all the time lol

  6. Oh Cheryl- it makes me want to cry. It goes by so quickly. How exciting for her though & how cool that you gave her such a great celebration for all her hard work getting here. Hugs!!

  7. Giant posters for under $5?! Love this!!!

  8. It turned out so cute! I love this idea. I think it’s my favorite party idea ever.


  9. So beautiful Cheryl! Your daughter and this fun photo wall. Congrats to you both!! 🙂

  10. What a great idea and so fun!

  11. I had only ever heard of Staples as an option. It’s so nice to know there are other choices out there as I don’t live near a Staples either. Oh, and the pictures look fantastic! Pinned!

  12. I <3 your photo wall and framed chalkboard! Pinned

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