Tooth Fairy Traditions


There is one thing we ALL have in common……….we all lose our baby teeth.  And most all of us remember the excitement and mystery of visits from the tooth fairy. 

The tooth fairy is a tradition that has stood the test of time with so many great customs from trailing fairy dust, to miniature doors and tooth-shaped pillows to special coins or just good ole hard cash  … all for the magical fairy in exchange for the pearly whites.

Your little one is in bed with a shiny, baby tooth under the pillow — now what?  Here are some fun ideas to make a visit from the Tooth Fairy a special event!

From tiny fairy doors, to gold coins and fairy dust it's these magical moments from childhood that they will remember for a life time at

Special Tooth Fairy Door

tooth fairy doormy life my loves and nest of posies

This has to be one of my favorite ideas!  How whimsical and cute for the tooth fairy to have her own door right next to your child’s bed.


Magic Fairy Dust and Gold Coins

tooth fairy dust and coinsmoore minutes

Most fairies leave a trail of glittery fairy dust, and how about leaving a special gold coin instead of a dollar bill?


Tooth Fairy Pocket

Tooth Fairy Pocketheart made blog

You can make a special tooth pocket to celebrate the momentous moment and place the tooth under the pillow with out fear of losing it……….leaving the perfect spot for the tooth fairy to deposit her memento.  Download the free template to make a tooth fairy pocket

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth fairy pillow craftMartha Stewart

I love this cute little DIY Tooth Pillow craft. This makes it much easier for the Fairy to find the tooth instead of  having to sneak under a pillow and risk rousing a sleeping little one.

Glittered Tooth Fairy Money

tooth fairy glitter dollar billTen Kids and a Dog 

Money is glitter sprayed dollar bills from the Tooth Fairy!

Tooth Fairy Printables


Emergency Tooth Fair kit printable – from Hello Bee

tooth fairy notes free printable

FREE Printable Tooth Fairy Notes from Handmade Charlotte (including a tiny pocket for the tooth as well as a tiny envelope for a tiny letter written by the toothless child to the Fairy).

tooth fairy-receipt

Tooth Fairy Receipt from Oh My Gluestick


Here are some healthy reminders about taking care of your teeth

  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Brush all of your teeth, not just the front ones
  • Take your time while brushing
  • Be sure your toothbrush has soft bristles
  • Learn how to floss your teeth, and floss every day


Magical moments are what childhood is all about! I’d love to hear about some of your tooth fairy traditions


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  1. My boys have just started losing teeth, and I always make sure the tooth fairy leaves a mess of glitter everywhere – she is a messy fairy (the very best kind!)

  2. Our TF always leaves two gold $1 coins. For the first tooth, there’s also a tiny handwritten note that accompanies the gold coin.

  3. I remember finding a $5 bill under my pillow in the mornings…had no idea how it managed to get there while I slept.

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  7. My memory of the tooth fairy involves finding my baby teeth in my mom’s jewelry box when I was about 8 years old. Needless to say, my mom had ALOT of explaining to do.

  8. I was sad when I lost the last baby tooth. I knew then that I was not going to get anymore visits from the Tooth Fairy. I didn’t want to grow up!

  9. I just remember being totally excited to check under my pillow! I don’t remember much, which gives me hope to not disappoint my kiddos! lol

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  11. I don’t remember much about the tooth fairy. I do remember getting $$ under my pillow, but that is about it. I like the little pocket idea, but I think instead of under the pillow we will have a hook to hang it on, because my kids are very light sleepers and getting under their pillow would probably wake them up.

  12. I too was scared of the tooth fairy. I think if there were a teeny tiny door for her to enter I might not have been such a scaredy pants. 🙂

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  16. I remember the special tooth pillow my mom made when I lost my teeth so when our little one lost her first tooth last year I made her a Tooth Fairy Pillow to keep her tooth safe. I loved the glitter idea and the other great tips. Thanks.

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  19. My boys don’t have a Tooth Fairy visit them when they lose a tooth. Instead, we read the book “Toss Your Tooth Over The Roof” and speak about world-folk tales and traditions. Then they take a bead representing their tooth off their “tooth” keychain we made, and place it in an album and document the milestone.

  20. When I was little I would always put an envelope under the pillow with my tooth in it…no cute pillows or anything back then 🙁

    I would get a quarter…yes it’s been awhile 🙂

    I was told the tooth fairy takes the teeth and makes pearl necklaces out of them. One day I woke up and found both my quarter and tooth.

    I went out and told my mom. She was there with my aunt and they started to laugh. My mom then said “the tooth fairy was to tired last night and almost forgot to come at all”.

    They were laughing and laughing. I asked what was so funny. My mom thought I knew the truth about the tooth fairy since I had four older brothers and sisters that could have told me.

    So she said, “You know the tooth fairy isn’t real don’t you”. I was SHOCKED!

    I started to cry. No cute tiny fairy? I just didn’t believe it. I knew she was not telling me the truth. LOL

  21. Our tradition is that when the oldest child no longer believes there is a tooth fairy, that child becomes the tooth fairy for our family. No more missed visits when the kids pull their tooth out of the blue and the new tooth fairy (child) is so cleaver and creative with notes and trinkets left behind. We have 7 children, and so far, we have had 4 of them become tooth fairies. They love it and are top secret!

  22. This is so timely for us! My five year old; Hadassa, has her first loose tooth! We don’t do Santa or the Easter Bunny, so I plan on going a little overboard with the Tooth Fairy. I am making her a little tooth pillow with a pocket this weekend. On the night she finally looses the tooth I am going to leave a tiny lip print on the tip of her nose where the tooth fairy kissed her. There will be a nice little trail of pixie dust coming out from under her pillow. And the Tooth Fairy will leave her a cute little note along with some money.

  23. When the tooth fairy came for my (older) daughter, she left a new shiny golden dollar! She knew it was from the tooth fairy because it had fairy dust all over it, and on the dresser where she left it! She also left a certificate for loss of first tooth. My younger daughter is going to be the tooth fairy for Halloween this year! SHe is hoping she will get a visit in the next year or so!

  24. I made a tooth fairy bag for “outside the bedroom” for my scaredy cat boys! 🙂

  25. For my son I made this tooth tin box for him to leave on his night stand b/c we don’t want the tooth fairy to get swished under his pillow……and he gets the dollar amount of the # tooth he lost. For example, for the first tooth it was $1 (gold coin), the second tooth was $2 ( a special $2 bill) etc. And somehow the tooth fairy manages to leave a new toothbrush in his bathroom. She must be one strong tooth fairy my son says!

    See tooth tin pics here:

  26. We have a little plastic treasure chest that the kids put their tooth in. The tooth fairy takes the chest and the tooth and leaves quarters (sometimes dimes and nickles), usually about $1 under their pillow.

  27. As a child, I had a special embroidered pillow with a tiny pocket on the front where I’d put my tooth. I always hung the pillow next to my bed that night and the tiny pocket would be filled with a dollar the next morning!

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  29. My daughter recently lost her first tooth. The Tooth Fairy left a TF door on her wall, two gold Sacajawea coins, an engraved silver first tooth box, a trail of glitter from the TF door to her pillow, a letter, calling card, and a new toothbrush. So fun!

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  32. We have a fairy door

    my little girl makes dresses out of tissues for our fairy too they exchange notes and of course our fairy has VERY VERY small writing

  33. My 6 year old son has a cushioned “tooth box” lined with silky material inside, it’s painted with pirates on the outside. When the tooth fairy comes, she leaves a golden dollar coin. Other evidence includes fairy dust from his pillow to the window. If it is not too cold outside, she also leaves the window open slightly.

  34. We do the traditional under the pillow get a dollar routine

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  39. We have a little tooth pillow pocket, but haven’t decided whether to use the tooth fairy yet or not! We’ll see when the time comes.

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  43. Believe it or not, my 12 year old son has still not lost all of his baby teeth! He was slow to “get” his teeth, and has been slow to start losing them too. He was in 3rd grade before the first tooth was actually loose! I am wondering if anyone has any ideas/suggestions for the “older” kids who lose their baby teeth a little later in life, The funniest thing that ever happened to our family, was when the tooth fairy must have “flown into the wrong room.” I had slept straight through the night without making it into my son’s room, so when he found that the tooth hadn’t been touched – I had to hurry back into my bedroom and magically produce a $5 from underneath my pillow in a hurry!

  44. One time my Mom came in to take my tooth after I went to sleep and she was using a flashlight, it scared me to death! Still haven’t gotten over it! Obviously!

  45. How neat! I wish I had time to do this tonight my oldest lost her second tooth today.

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  47. We don’t teach the tooth fairy, but we do give a little treat. Sometimes money sometimes something else it really depends where life is at the moment, either way our kids love it and have fun.

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