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Better Than Homemade? Marie Callender’s Pot Pies

Summer is just about here and that usually means busier schedules in our house.  Sometimes getting lunch or dinner on the table can be challenge.  I’ve never been a fan of ‘frozen meals’, but when I find one that is quick and still tastes like home made, you better believe it goes in my cart!  I recently received a coupon to buy and try a Marie Callender’s Pot Pie which claims to offer exactly what I’m looking for:

Marie Callender’s lovingly creates each pot pie from scratch, with absolutely no short cuts, filled with juicy meat, tender vegetables, and Marie’s signature golden flaky crust.

I was really excited to give Marie’s pot pie the ‘ol “taste test”  so I picked up the Creamy Parmesan Pot Pie at the grocery store and had it for lunch the other day.  I’ve always had a love for pot pies, but didn’t care for many frozen ones, the are usually mushy and a thin crust.

I was thrilled that I could cook my pot pie in the microwave, yet I was a little worried at how it would turn out.  Would I have a golden crust?  Would it be mushy or over cooked in some spots?

marie callenders pot pie

The Marie Callender’s Pot Pie comes in a special box just for microwaving; I removed the perforated top section, sliced a few slits in the crust and shut the microwave door and set the timer for 9 mins and 30 seconds while I vacuumed part of my house.

When I heard the microwave ‘ding’, I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much………but to my surprise the crust was a light golden brown and looked DELICIOUS!!  When I stuck my fork in the pull it open and look inside and let it cool off a bit, I could see how thick the flaky crust was and boy was it filled with some nice looking veggies! not just little tiny chunks of mush, but  big tantalizing pieces!

marie callenders pot pie

I’m pleased to say this it was every bit as delicious as it looked!  And actually such a big serving, that I couldn’t even finish the whole thing for my lunch!  The veggies still had a bit of a crunch, not soggy, the chicken was tasty, not ‘rubbery’ and the crust…PERFECT!  I’m delighted to say, I think I have a new option for my lunches and even the occasional crazy dinner night!

Marie Callender’s likes to remind us that somewhere along the way, we often forget the pleasure and comfort of a good, sit-down meal. Now, more than ever, it’s time to put on the brakes, slow down, and savor the comforts of a great meal.

Disclosure: I’ve been compensated by Marie Callender’s and TheMotherhood for this campaign, but the opinions and my love of pot pies are all my own.

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  1. Looks yummy, but have you checked the label? I’m sorry, but with 540 calories, more than HALF from fat, and over 1000 g of sodium per serving, this is not going on my table 🙂

  2. oh man, I have tried some of there products and you are right, they are great

  3. I just tried these last week and I LOVE them! Have you tried the portobello mushroom ones? They are amazing!

  4. They are tasty, but after I read the label I never bought it again. They are SO high in sodium, and terribly high in fat. I just couldn’t do it again.

  5. oh, and I think homemade ones are better! :O)

  6. I must say that I’ve tried these pot pies, too, and they were terrific. It’s so nice to have a yummy meal available that takes NO work to prepare!

  7. My mom and I got some on sale years ago because we loved the ones from the restaurant so much – but in the end the label also prevented us from buying any more.

  8. I haven’t been compensated by Marie Callender’s for my review., but was a fan of these pot pies. However, I have to give the thumbs down to the new “tear off” box that haa appeared in stores during the past month or so.

    If you enjoyed these pies in the past, don’t bother with them anymore. The new box (they dare not say “improved”) results in a poor and nearly inedible version of what it had once been an amazingly good product.

    Perhaps I should send Marie my thanks. These pot pies were a guilty pleasure. I’ll definitely be eating healthier from now on.

    • I have to agree, I am so sad by these new tear off top of the box thing they have going. I loved the way they cooked before, the crust was probably my fav part! Now its soggy, soft, and just horrible. I won’t be buying these unless i can find the “old” style boxes.

  9. i just finished enjoying one of these new pies and I agree with you cheryl! I tried the Chicken Pot Pie, microwaved for 9 and a half minutes, and it came out deliciously perfect. It always bugged how the previous boxes, you had to rotate the pie inside the box and even still the crust didn’t come out even. With the new tear open box, the pie crust baked evenly and was flakey too. Also i liked the chicken pieces inside were not overcooked. thumbs up from me. and yes I see how the nutritional value isn’t good for daily eating, but I only eat these once in awhile when I haven’t had time to grocery shop, so it’s not bad.

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