On Sunday my family was whispering behind closed doors, making private phone calls and all three jumped in the truck and left the house together for the second day in a row. I KNEW they were doing or planning “something” for my birthday, but I just couldn’t figure out what!

I enjoyed the piece and quiet while I tapped away on my laptop getting all of these fun Giveaways ready for all of my sweet readers!

After several hours I hear the truck pull into the driveway, and then lots of noise as they came through the front door.

I hear “MOM?” …..I was in my office. The three of them walk into my office with Allison holding what I thought was a wadded up blanket…..“Happy early Birthday!”

She hands me the blanket while I curiously look to see………

Cullen at 9 weeks old.  He's a "full size" yorkie and should grow to be about 10-12 pounds

His name is  Cullen 

*for all of you NON Twilight fans {gasp} – that’s the vampire family’s name

he is a 9 week old full size Yorkie!

So needless to say, my world has been turned upside down for the last few days!LOL

So has my kitty Kix’s world! LOL

Kitty Kix hiding in a Coke box!

Remember that new Flip Video I mentioned that I won a few weeks ago?

Well, now I can show you VIDEO of Cullen! LOL

Here’s a little clip of him playing with me in the kitchen.

Every time I would say “what?” he would bark

– but once I got the camera out I was saying “what” a little more than he was! LOL


Cullen 3-4-09 from Cheryl Tidymom on Vimeo.

Today is day number 4 of my

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