Works For Me Wednesday – Cupcake tips

Every Wednesday Rocks In My Dryer hosts a blog carnival called “Works For Me Wednesday” (WFMW). Bloggers from all over the blogosphere post a little tip, on their own blogs, that works for them in making their life easier. I participated with this post over the holidays, and I plan to have fun participating more!

I have an easy tip for making cupcakes AND for keeping the pounds off WHILE you make the cupcakes!

Using an ice cream scooper makes filling your cupcake tins easy, clean and equal!

Nothing beats getting to lick the bowl……….

even if you don’t want your Mom taking your picture!

My secret to keeping myself from licking the bowl, the beaters and the spoon?……..


If I chew gum while I bake, then I don’t want to sample the batter!

Right now my favorite gum is Dentyne Blast Cool Lime

Give it a try! Your hips will thank you!

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