This weeks Works For Me Wednesday is a Backwards Edition……….instead of ME sharing something that works for ME…….I get to ask YOU for help!!

I’m going to be honest here………

This is NOT going to be pretty! We are talking early 80’s ugly!

I have this “thing”, this “board” my mom gave me back in the early 80’s when “cute country” was in-style and Amish dolls were a big part of that decor!

You KNOW you want one don’t you?! LOL……jealous aren’t you?

Well I still have this piece, it hangs on the wall (I have it hidden on a basement wall that is never seen. and I’m thinking there’s something really amazing I could do with it if I gave it a makeover with some paint……….after painting over it I’m stuck!!!

What could I do with this? Any ideas? (it’s 30″ wide and 22″ tall)

Can you help a girl out?

OH! OH {hand in the air} – ONE MORE QUESTION….

I have a LARGE HEAVY platter I would like to hang

can someone tell me what I need or how to hang it?

I’m also linking this up to the Decorating Dilemma’s Party at Serenity Now

UPDATE: – I posted another Decorating Dilemma here!

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