Winning and Losing

My greatest enjoyment about blogging has always been about connecting.

Connecting with bloggers and readers and with the friends that I’ve made here. It’s all about sympathizing when things go wrong…. and celebrating when they go right. Because when you think about it, blogging is about community, and being part of the blogging community is something I love!

Without readers and comments, bloggers would just be “talking to our selves”. Readers make our blogs what they are! Those comments are the reason we continue to blog.

Sometimes being apart of that community opens up opportunities. Contests and giveaways are some of the thrilling opportunities of a blogging community.

Recently I entered a blogging contest thru Twittermom’s and Samsung Home Appliances {click here to see all those posts}. This contest initially required the help of the bloggers readers and comments. Boy, did my readers step up to help! Their comments were supposed to help me win a new Samsung Washer and Dryer. They spent countless hours as a community, helping one of their own.

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting to hear the results of your support (over 43,000 comments). Did I win the Washer and Dryer?

After the contest was over, Twittermom’s informed all entrants that they were no longer going to choose the blog with the most comments, but they would choose a random winner to be announced on Tuesday Oct 13, 2009. I have yet to hear anything, no notice of a winner has been seen or heard. (UPDATE: the random winner was announce late Friday Oct 16)

During the month of September I heard about the Chevy and Mommy Madness campaign that was coming to St. Louis looking for Mommy Bloggers to drive a sweet Chevy for four weeks! Heck yeah!! I applied……….but I was not picked as one of the six lucky bloggers. Too bad, looks like fun! Congrats to those bloggers who were picked!! I follow a few of their blogs (Extraordinary Mommy and STL Mommy), and they are GREAT mommy bloggers!

So, I was feeling a little sorry for myself….when I get a message from
Jyl of Mom it Forward


Mom It Forward
Back in August she had a giveaway!
You needed to share your best or worst housework experience
in her comments
to win one of three Dyson Vacuum cleaners!


Guess WHAT?!!!!



I couldn’t believe it!!
  Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL


This beauty just arrived at my house yesterday,
you better believe I’ll post soon to tell you all about her!

I think she needs a name doesn’t she??

I’d love to hear your ideas!!

Thanks again to Mom it Forward and Dyson for making this mom’s life a little easier!