Where I’ve been all week

Sunshine attended a basketball camp all week at Washington University in St. Louis.

It’s almost an hour drive, with traffic, so I just stayed on campus all week while she played ball.

We had lunch together each day, which was nice, since she didn’t know anyone else at the camp (though she did end up making some new friends!) – I’ll post about camp next week.

I spent a lot of my time reading (Dead until Dark) and on the computer. They had some nice comfy chairs to sit on.

I spent the most time in this spot because it was the only spot with an electrical outlet.

The Wash U Campus is just GORGEOUS! and we had absolutely beautiful weather this week. So today I walked around campus and took some pictures to share with you all. I took all of them with my Nikon D40, these are all straight out of the camera, I haven’t had time to edit them.

Take a peek and enjoy!!!…………(you can click the bottom right corner of the slideshow to see full screen)

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