Where do the years go?

Dance like nobody’s watching; Love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; Live like it’s heaven on earth.” ~Mark Twain

Our first born, Hollywood, turns 21 today! I wish I could somehow rewind time and start all over. I look at the world outside and I wonder what the future holds for her.

It’s time for her to spread her wings and fly. She moved out of our house last week. She will take on both the joys and challenges of adulthood. We want her to know that we love her unconditionally.

As she leaves us with 1/2 of an empty nest, she may make mistakes through her journey , each mistake will be a lesson learned. We want her to know that when life becomes too much, she can always come to her family.

Never be afraid to dream your dreams, to stand up for what you believe in. Always stay focused. Never forget the important things and remember the little things are JUST little things!

I want you to know that I’ll always cherish the wonder and joy of watching you grow into a beautiful young lady. I’ll always be proud of you! You are the best daughter, the best big sister, the best granddaughter, the best niece….. And most of all, I’m proud to say that you are my best friend!

Happy Birthday honey
and remember you will ALWAYS be Mom and Dad’s baby girl!

I couldn’t pick just a few pictures! LOL

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