What I learned this Week

It’s time for another “What I Learned This Week”
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1. I learned I CAN live with a mess in my kitchen for 24 hours if………

it means this ugly drippy faucet is going to be replaced with…….

This nice new pretty faucet and sprayer!! SWEET!

2. I learned my cake saver DOESN’T always SAVE my cupcakes!!

Take a look at those puppies!
What the hell happened to them?
If you look at the picture with the old faucet – I made them the night before
and they looked all purdy.
When I got home the following day, they looked like this!?????
At first I thought it was the sun, but there were some in a plastic storage container,
kept in another part of the kitchen,
and they melted as well.
Any ideas what caused this?

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