What I learned this week.

1. That even though one of your children moves out, they still need their mom. ?

2. I’m too old to go out to a bar to celebrate my birthday!……I’m just sayin…..

3. Housebreaking a puppy is harder than I remembered…….but is getting much easier.

4. I can cut my dryer sheets in half and they still work as good as a full one, and the box lasts twice as long.

5. I learned that when using a retractable dog leash, that you should retract it VERY carefully and not let the thing slap you in the EYE! – OUCH!

6. I also learned to speak up when I get bad service. I had a bad experience with a massage therapist, so I finally emailed the spa to let them know about it- I now get to go back and get another massage by another therapist! Hollywood had a GREAT experience, so I’ll go to the lady she had.

7. I learned how to collect all of the great finds I run across while blog reading – I’m now putting them all on Tumblr and I will put the link on my blog page soon. You can see what I have collected so far on my Tumblr page here

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