Home This week I learned that if I send Sunshine to the mall with $30 she can actually find a way to S T R E T C H that money better than when she shops with mom and her wallet!

If we go to the mall together, some how the kids are under the impression that “money is no object”. Even though I preach “SALE SALE SALE” and we go with coupons in hand, they still think when Mom’s buying there’s no limit to the spending.

So on Sunday when Sunshine asked if she could go to the mall with a friend and her mom, I told her I would only give her $30. I got the eye roll and pleading look of “how can I POSSIBLY find ANYTHING at the mall with $30” look!

A few hours later I get an excited phone call…….“MOM! Guess what? I got 2 shirts AND I still have money left over!!”

So I learned this week, if I send my 12 year old to the mall with CASH in hand and tell her “that’s ALL you have to spend” she WILL find a way to stretch her dollars and spend more wisely!! Mission accomplished!

I also learned of a GREAT new Blog for sharing and learning about different craft techniques from sewing to soldering, knitting to painting, repurposing to refurbishing, and more.

Cathe Holden has started a blog called Just Something YOU Made .

Cathe is such a sweet and creative lady and now she is offering a place for other’s to share their creative ideas as well!! You can check out my Mod Podge Frame tutorial she featured !

Be sure to check out Just Something YOU Made and submit your own projects to Cathe so she can show yours off too!! She’s even made a button you can PROUDLY place on your blog!!


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