WFMW – Blogger HMTL Gadget Help

If you are on Blogger, you may have noticed a recent annoying change with your gadgets.

Are you getting this error when you try and post an HTML/Java Script Gadget with out a title?

As of last week, Blogger made an update to the HTML/Javascript Gadget making the Title field required – meaning you can not post an HTML Gadget with out a title.
Thanks to twitter, when I called out my complaint, Krystyn of Krizzy Designs was quick to offer a suggestion….and it WORKED!!

just place this code

in the title box then click “Save”

This code will allow you to post your Gadget without a title.

You will have to do it every time you update the gadget –

Blogger says –
“based upon user feedback, we will soon be removing that requirement.”

But until they fix it, you can work around it this way!!

I’m linking this up at We Are That Family’s Works For Me Wednesday

works for me wednesday at we are that family

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