The Girlfriends Guide to Blogging – WFMW

Back in early December I posted about a fabulous opportunity for bloggers – The Girlfriends Guide to the Business of Blogging Online Conference. You could connect with other bloggers right from your own office or home and learn what being a Pro in the blogging world really is with No Travel Fees!

Well if you missed out on the event altogether, couldn’t attend all of the sessions you were interested in, or maybe just want to listen all over again, you’re in luck!

You can now purchase your exclusive session video transcripts and audio here! Choose a specific event or get the whole kit and kaboodle for one affordable price!

Learn the ins and outs of Social Marketing. Learn how to set up your blog, the basics of page rank, SEO, ethics, and very basics of business. How to’s of offering ads, advanced sponsorship opportunities plus legal and professional insights and much much more. Each speaker, a professional in his or her own niche, will bring you hints, tips and takeaways that you can use right now to drive traffic, make money and become a success! Learn to be a professional in every aspect of your blogging and social media participation.

The Girlfriends Guide to the Business of Blogging Worked for ME….

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