The Bouce Brigade at Blissdom {Team Bar}

Grandpa JuniorEarlier this week I mentioned that I have been lucky enough to be chosen as part of the Bounce Brigade at the Blissdom conference next week.  There will be two teams, Team Bar and Team Sheet….I’m on Team Bar! GO BAR people! wooot wooot!

You all know about the Bounce Bar right? You just stick the bar inside your dryer…and no need to remember to toss in the dryer sheet!……..I don’t know about you, but my family helps out with the laundry, and if there is one less step for them to remember, that’s a BIG plus for me!!  Only Bounce has the Dryer Bar to help you never miss a load of freshness.

Maybe you like having lots of things to remember………like putting a dryer sheets in your dryer {I wont judge}.  After all,  dryer sheets allow you to freshen your clothes and your world the way you like it.
Do you use bagged salad or a head of lettuce? Do you use the elevator or take the stairs? These characteristics say a lot about you and can mean you are a “bar” or “sheets” person.  By answering a few questions about your personality, you will know if you are a Bar Person or Sheet Person.
•If you’re always looking for savvy, high-tech ways to achieve automatic results, you are a “bar person.”
•If you’re someone who loves to freshen every area of your life—from the laundry room and beyond—and wants freshness made to order, you are a “sheet person.”
So………..are you  Team Sheet? {cough cough}……or TEAM BAR!? {wooohoooo}  lol
Leave me a comment…….or better yet….you can show your support buy putting the cool buttons in your sidebar or post.

Grandpa Junior

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Grandpa Junior

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If  you’re attending Blissdom, be sure to look for me and show your support of  TEAM BAR!  If you’re not at Blissdom, you can follow us on Twitter using the hashtags #BouceBrigade or #Bounce #Blissdom

Team BounceBar:
ME       Tidymom
Jennifer Leet        The Dirty Shirt
Jill Anderson        Diaper Diaries

Team Bounce Sheet:
Liz Latham   Hoosier Homemade
Jodi Grundig    Mommy’s Favorite Stuff
Stacie Haight Connerty    The Divine Miss Mommy

Disclaimer:  The awesome people at Bounce are providing me with a Blissdom conference ticket and hotel room, they did not compensate me in any other way to write this post.  All opinions and love of the Bounce Bar are all my own.