She shoots – SHE SCORES!!!!!


…..and the crowd went CRAZY!!!!!! That was the scene last night as Allison made the WINNING BASKET in the last 10 seconds of a tied game last night!!! I’m telling you, dear blog readers, I haven’t felt SO much emotion for one of my children during a game as I did last night!! I couldn’t hold back the tears! The whole game was neck in neck, we were up by 2 in the last few mins, then the other team tied the game up —-then in the last 10 seconds, there’s our Sunshine, right under the basket, wide open as one of her teammates comes down the court with the ball – passes it to Sunshine……She shoots and She SCORES!!!!! everyone is on their feet SCREAMING with excitement!! (we had lost the game the night before by ONE point!) It was her first basket of the season!! And what a basket it was!!!!! I was overwhelmed with pride!! What an awesome feeling!!!

This isn’t the winning shot, but here’s Allison shooting a free throw earlier in the game! (as much as I love my point and shoot camera, I have GOT to get a DSLR camera so I can get better pictures at these games!)