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Remember back when your grandparents or parents had a little bank for you to put change into and save up? One of my favorite ways of saving involves nothing more than spare change. Let me explain how we turned our spare change into family “splurge” purchases like a family vacation or our Wii.

Have you ever been in line at the store as someone insists to the cashier that she “has the penny?” Even if their actions hold up the checkout line for several minutes, many customers will go to the trouble to dig change out of their pockets or purses to pay the change portion of their purchase.

Instead of doing this we take the change that we accumulate throughout the day and empty it into a change mug. Now I admit, The Bug Man is MUCH better at doing this than I am but I really try to make myself empty my wallet out weekly.

When it comes time to roll our change, we have this fabulous color coded coin tubes that makes rolling change easy! You don’t have to count it. You just fill the tubes, insert the paper roller, invert and close the ends! It’s an activity the kids have always enjoyed doing.

In the past we’ve used the change we’ve saved for extra spending money while on vacation, we saved up for our Wii this way as well as other larger purchases.

It takes a bit longer, but it’s a good way to teach the kids how to save money for things they want – and by saving change they can actually watch the money they save grow.

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