Family history and heart is often captured on film. Today, most of us capture it digitally. But what about all of those memories that were captured in prints, VHS or even 8 or16mm film? When I’m no longer around to share those memories, I want to make sure those photos and home movies will still be around and intact to tell their own stories.

I was recently contacted by a representative of ScanDigital, a company who specializes in converting film photos, video, and slides into digital format.

Sounds like a GREAT tool for moms who scrapbook and want to preserve their memories for the long haul. You know exactly how much time and energy it takes to produce a single book, let alone enough copies to share with every family member. Now you can send them your pages, and Scan Digital will scan your scrapbooks. This also is a cost-effective method that allows you to share the one scrapbook with all of your relatives.

I also liked the idea of converting to digital because technology can help us get ORGANIZED! Just think, converting your albums and VHS to digital can whip your household into shape and leave you with less clutter!! Less clutter=cleaner looking home=less stress!

Did you know that after many showings, VHS tapes start to deteriorate, along with the quality of your data? Transferring that data to DVD format will save the quality. Secondly, once a machine breaks down, it may not be replaced as it is becoming difficult to purchase VCRs.

My mom has a box full of 8mm reels of film from when I was growing up as well as some from when she was younger – I’ve often thought of having those converted to DVD – what an AWESOME Christmas gift would that be!

They will also scan slides, negatives, scrapbook pages, even whole photo albums, and more. Prices vary depending on the source of the photo, with unmounted photos being the least expensive. Pricing starts 48 cents a photo. And VHS only $19.95 per tape!

ScanDigital promises to make the whole process fast and easy!
Just click here to see how it all works. You send your photo or VHS to them (print a free shipping label!), they digitize them, and then they send you a life time of memories back to you on DVD. You can also see your photos on your online photo gallery and even share them with friends and family. All with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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What a GREAT idea this would be for Christmas!!

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ScanDigital has offered to give me and one of my readers a
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I can’t wait to use mine for some Christmas gifts!

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