If you’re like me, you find a lot of great recipes on line.

I first started bookmarking all of them – then when I wanted to make something, I find the recipe and print.  It didn’t take long before I had an unorganized mess of papers!

Putting them all on recipe cards was not going to happen. I didn’t have time to do it, and I knew I’d never MAKE the time to do it.

I knew I needed a new system……..a book or binder to keep my favorites in.

I found just the thing at Barnes & Noble over the holidays!!

Recipe Organization



It’s a presentation book and it’s filled with 24 letter sized sleeves! Perfect for slipping my printed recipes into.

This gave me just the jump start I needed to get my recipes organized!

Next I plan to buy some 3 ring binders, dividers and page protectors and store a LOT more recipes this way…….and I will save this pretty binder for my favorite/most used recipes!!

*If you’ve noticed, I’ve been making a printable version of my blog recipes….I’m still working on going thru all of the archives, but I promise, I will get all of my blog recipes in printable format!

Recipe binders work for ME!

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