Two weeks ago, Thursday, April 29th, I joined The Inspired Room’s Project Procrastinators Party . Melissa gave us a challenge/encouragement to tackle a project we are procrastinating on . I declared that I would finally choose a paint color and paint the spare room that I want to move my office into.

You can see by this post and this post that the room was PINK. I found out PINK is hard to cover! – I painted 2 coats of primer and I could STILL faintly see PINK.

paint colors for new office
I decided the 2 sample colors I first posted here were too dark for that room. I made a trip back to Lowes and had 2 more lighter colors mixed. I pulled out my brush and put those new samples up on my primed wall – they were WAY too light, almost looked white. So I decided to mix my own color. I took A and mixed it with the light equivalent and came up with a color that I loved!! You can see all of my primer on the wall in this post.

It seemed that every day that I wanted to paint, it rained outside. Have you ever painted a room on a rainy day? Not much light. But I finally managed to get the second coat up! I would like to paint the trim and doors, or better yet replace them.

So here’s my BEFORE {painting}……………………..

office before painting

and AFTER {painting}

I’m having computer issues, so I couldn’t do much with these pictures, the color looks a little baby blue on my laptop(which doesn’t have good color) but the color is a spa blue/green

painted office

painted office


I’m so glad to have this step done!! Next I’m going to paint my desk white and get all moved into this new office space! I’ll keep you posted ~Maybe Melissa will motivate us with another party!

office before

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