No body did it………..

There is nothing more GROSS than drying your hands on a towel that has toothpaste smeared on it!

Toothpaste that has been in someone’s MOUTH! YUCK!

There’s only 3 people living in this house……

I KNOW I don’t do that, and The Bug Man and Sunshine BOTH insist it’s NOT them!

Yet I find the hand towel in the bathroom looking like this every day!

Do you think Kix did it? He’s laying there looking all innocent like he’s “working” and covering The Bug Man’s appointment book and all………..

or do you think Cullen did it? He doesn’t LOOK like he does anything wrong does he? I mean look at him, he’s got, what? eight toys laying around him to play with?

So tell me………

Does anyone have this NASTY habit in your house?

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